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Hello lovely people. Jamie Oliver here.
I hope you well. It's time for a few
barbecuing tips. Okay, tip number one.
Make yourself a herb brush. Really, really cool.
Basically any woody herbs. Rosemary, thyme,
sage, bay, oregano. Tie it on to a spoon or
a stick and just put it in some oil and
put it all around meat, fish, flat breads,
vegetables. It's absolutely fantastic.
It keeps things moist and delicious
but adds a beautiful layer of flavor and
it does a really, really good job. Must try that.
Tip number two. Next time you're
in the garden center and you see those
little water spritzes, brilliant.
Get a couple of those. Write on it vinegar, okay?
Do some flavored vinegars. Chili, some herbs,
some red white wine vinegar in there.
Spritz that on your meat as it
starts to sizzle and as you turn it.
It's good for two things, amazing for flavor
and two it keeps those flames down and
stops you burning your meat as well.
Tip number three. Whether working on gas or
charcoal or wood fires. Always try to
have a hot area and a cool area
and ideally have it graduating from one to
the other. This way you can have direct heat,
get color and caramelization and
then take it through and just finish it
off and then slow cook it, so it's sweet
and delicious and gorgeous.
Next thing, flavored salts. They're brilliant.
Especially for delicate things like pork,
chicken and seafood. Just smash up any
herbs of your choice. Spices, chilies, ginger.
Get a combination that you love.
Smash it up to a pulp and then add in salt.
Let it dry on a tray and then smash
it up again. It will last for a couple of
months and that just simply on a piece
of fish or beautiful vegetables will
make so much difference. Gorgeous flavor, really subtle.
Next if you want
incredible meat with an amazing flavor
around the outside. If you use regular
steaks or chops, cut like that big.
They're going to be cooked so quickly.
You'll never be a get the proper color
on it, so get a double or a triple steak
or chop, okay? This way you can spend a
bit more time getting that beautiful
bark as we call it.
It's caramelized and got that amazing
flavor and it's still blushing and juicy
in the middle. Invest in that and your
barbecues will never be the same again.
As you know I am very passionate about
cooking outside and all the fun to be had with
friends and family and beautiful food.
So me and my barbecue team have been
beavering away and we've created some
amazing products for you guys to check out.
All the way from small, fun, colorful,
portable barbecues. Up to the beautiful
gas barbecue here, this is a four burner,
and it gets even bigger than this.
A big old six burner and that's getting greedy
but it's a very beautiful thing.
So if you want to check out all the barbecues
that we're doing and a whole load of the
accessories that come with it.
Check out the website below and there's
loads more stuff to come.
Good luck. Take care. Happy cooking.


バーべキューの5つのコツ!おいしそう! ( Jamie Oliver's Top 5 BBQ Tips )

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