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-Now, I want to talk to you about an issue
that you're very passionate about.
You've been really outspoken about
women's issues in Hollywood.
-Yeah. I'm really excited to be a part of the movement
for a better female representation,
because female roles have been so underwritten.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Especially compared to male roles,
and actually I brought something that I think
might help illustrate the difference
if you want to help me out.
-Um, sure, sure.
-Sorry to put you on the spot. What do you think?
Come on, guys, right? -Yeah, I can do this.
All right, now -- what are these now? What are these?
These are --
-Okay. Well, I would like to read -- It's movie scenes.
And I'm going to read the male roles,
and you're going to read the female roles.
-Sounds easy enough. -Yeah.
-Let's head down to the stage. -Okay.
-Let's act some of these out. I love it. Let's do it.
[ Cheers and applause ]
All right, here we go.
This is great because you've never acted with me before,
but get ready, man. -Get ready.
-All right, Jessica, what are we reading first?
-Okay, the first one is a romantic comedy.
-I love them.
-And in this scene, a woman and a man --
we've just kind of bumped into each other on the street.
-All right, I'm the woman and you're the man.
-[ Laughing ] Yes. Okay. -Very good.
-Oh, excuse me. I didn't see you there.
-No, it was my fault.
I'm so clumsy and I --
-You'll have to forgive me.
I was lost in thought contemplating how small we are
in this vast universe.
Nothing but a speck of dust.
And the only thing that could give me purpose
is someone to grab on to
and join me as I float through this endless world of confusion.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-I know what you must be thinking.
What are the chances that I bump into this guy on this exact day
when I find myself yearning for something more?
You must be thinking,
"Finally, someone who really gets me."
-[ Chuckling ]
Thank you. Wow. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
So that's the first one. How'd it feel?
-Not so great. I barely got to speak there.
But I tried my hardest. -Exactly.
-Okay, we have another example right here.
-Yeah. This one is from an action movie.
-Love action movies.
-Okay, in this scene, a man and a woman,
they're catching their breath after being chased by
a bunch of bad guys.
-Okay, good, I've got this one. -Okay.
-Let me get in character. -Okay.
Ready? -Yeah.
-They ran to the corner. We're out of ammo.
You wait here.
When they hit the loading dock
I'll sneak up behind one of their guys
and I'll kick their gun free.
I'll take down as many of them as I can.
But I got to hurry because the clock's ticking.
I won't let you down!
You stay here and wait! -All right, okay, well --
That one, I -- I didn't get to speak at all in that one, so --
-Yeah, there you go.
-Okay. Very good. I see your point.
Let's do one more, Jessica.
Do you have any scenes where the woman has any more lines?
-Oh, actually, yeah.
The last one is from a sci-fi movie.
The female character in this scene is showcasing her crew
how they can fight off enemy starships.
-Let's do this. I'll show you what's up.
-So, you'll get to speak a lot more.
-Here we go.
Commander, there is no need to take down the entire fleet.
If the artillery -- If the artillery alone --
-You sure you want more lines?
[ Laughter and applause ]
-Cold read here. Yeah. -Oh, okay.
-If the artillery alone can't stop them
from infiltrating our system, then we'll use the backup --
we'll use the backup processes to target the ship's turbines
at a velocity of 26 kilometers per second.
My research shows this is a foolproof plan.
This is it. This is our last chance.
-No, thanks. -All right. That's it.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I should have rehearsed.
I see what you're saying. -Yes!
-I see what you're saying there.
-Well, you know, luckily the industry,
it's changing a lot lately.
And we have campaigns like Time's Up that, you know,
they're working towards positive change.
-Guys, go to timesupnow.com. -Come on!
-Learn more about the campaign,
working towards safety and equality for everyone!
Not just in entertainment, but across every industry.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Jessica Chastain, everybody! -That's my line!
-We'll be right back with Ricky Martin, everybody!
-We'll be right back with Ricky Martin, everybody!
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back with Ricky Martin, everybody.
-Ricky Martin will be here.


Jessica Chastain Shows Jimmy What It's Like to Play the Female Role

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