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[Dan] what do you got?
[Mitchell] An official MLB MLP MLB [Dan] major league baseball is MLB
[Mitchell] Do you say baseball ball or just baseball [Dan] ball baseball, no this is a baseball
[Dan] a baseball ball [Mitchell] yeah a baseball [Dan] a ball for baseball
[Mitchell] a soft ball, and a thrift store baseball signed by some girl
yeah Baby Ruth or something
the Sultan of Swat the king of crash who
the Colossus of clout --- the Colossus of clout --- BABE RUTH
the great Bambino
try to go easy on my forging skills that was the second
attempt the first one it was much worse [Mitchell] equally bad
Okay and with those we've also got a metal bat so we'll start with this one
then we'll cut through those three baseballs those three baseball balls
balls balls
let's look and see just what makes a ballbuster bust balls
the anticipation.... its gonna be sandy ...yeah this all sand?
oh that's some sort of a sponge
okay Yellow Sponge.
Looks like through this
hole they injected some foam they just let it sink all the way down to the
bottom and this is just some stuff that got stuck in the handle maybe yeah we
won't pretend to know this is for so if you know what's this sponge stuff is for
then say so. It's for absorbing water and washing dishes.
Next up is baseballs
This one is expanding pretty good. Yeah, it wedged itself in there.
Oh wow, this side didn't expand at all. I think that side was slightly less than half
yeah a rubber ball in the middle and yarn yep... YARN
and theres the shell... and a bird nest.. cool and I
I don't know how you fit all that in a little hole.... just going to push really hard .... yeah
that's close enough okay what's inside the baby ruth
less exciting, solid cork, and then the softball is
plastic yeah it's like a hard plastic hey and that's what happens when you cut
a baseball in half that's been signed by some girl
you keep telling me that, who is she?


$1 Baseball vs $30 MLB Baseball vs Waterjet at 60,000 PSI

125 タグ追加 保存
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