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  • Warren Buffett is a very unique

  • and very special guy and he is a charitable person.

  • One of the charities that he donates money to is Glide.

  • And, it is in San Francisco.

  • He offered, going back about 10 years,

  • to have lunch with anyone that would pay for it,

  • so he auctioned himself off and he raised, I believe,

  • 25 thousand dollars to have lunch with Warren Buffett.

  • I heard about it.

  • Got his phone number.

  • By the way, that took at least

  • a year to get his phone number,

  • because I didn't wanna just call up the company,

  • but I did get his phone number and when I called him,

  • he actually answered the phone himself.

  • He said, "Hi, this is Warren,"

  • and I was, sort of, stumped for words.

  • I couldn't quite believe that I had

  • Warren Buffett on the telephone,

  • and I said, Warren this is Alan Stillman.

  • I own some restaurants called, Smith,

  • and I never got to say the last word.

  • He said, and Wollensky.

  • I said, that's correct, how do you know?

  • He says, Oh, I come in to a couple of your restaurants.

  • I said, really?

  • I have an idea.

  • He said, what's that?

  • I said, I wanna donate an additional,

  • and I don't remember exactly the number,

  • but I think it was 25 thousand dollars,

  • for you to come to New York and have lunch

  • at Smith & Wollensky and I'm going to give

  • to your favorite charity, Glide, 25 thousand dollars.

  • It took him about, maybe five seconds, to say,

  • You, Mr. Stillman, have a deal.

  • You put it together and I'll be there.

  • Well, the first time that he did that,

  • it went for a million dollars

  • and since that time, it's gone for

  • two and a half and three million dollars.

  • So that, currently he does it once a year,

  • he comes to Smith & Wollensky, has lunch

  • and I suspect that this year won't be any different.

  • It's going to go for two and a half

  • or three million dollars.

  • You can bring six or seven friends

  • and Warren, himself, will absolutely have lunch with you

  • and you can ask him anything you want,

  • unless it pertains to the stock market.

  • He's not interested on giving you hints on the stock market.

  • But, anything else that you'd like to know,

  • come to Smith & Wollensky, have lunch with Warren,

  • and lay your check on the table for two and a half

  • or three million bucks and he's there.

  • And, he shows up in a Yellow Cab,

  • and he gets out of a Yellow Cab,

  • and what you see with Warren Buffett is what you get.

  • Warren, when he comes to lunch, orders a steak,

  • but always with Diet Coke,

  • and Diet Coke is his drink of choice,

  • and he drinks lots of them.

  • He, I think he drinks, three, four, five Diet Cokes a day.

  • He can finish a good steak and he likes a good steak.

  • He is one of the most phenomenal people you'd ever meet

  • and whatever he is saying is what he honestly believes.

  • He is not anybody that will tell any stories out of line

  • and he has been one of Smith & Wollensky's great supporters.

Warren Buffett is a very unique


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