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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 256. The quote today is by Sean

  • Patrick Flanery. Okay. He's mostly an actor but he did write a book. He wrote a

  • self inspirational book and I think was named " Jane Two " and I believe this quote

  • actually comes from it. I don't remember him a lot as an actor, but I do remember

  • there was a movie in the late 1990s called "Powder" and he played the main

  • character for that. And it was a very interesting different movie. But anyway,

  • let's get into today's quote. " Do something today that your future self

  • will thank you for. " Yeah. I really like this quote. But anyway, let's, let's, let's

  • look at the note here. Don't we all wish a future you or a future you know,

  • yourself could time travel and come back to give yourself advice ? You know, what

  • would you say to yourself if that could happen ? It's kind of a cool thing to

  • think about ? Of course , I'm sure a lot of people would probably talk about a

  • butterfly effect and you know, if you actually did that you might change your

  • life too much. And you know, you might mess things up. That's true but I still

  • wouldn't mind. it I still would like it. I would tell myself a lot of things if I

  • could do it. Of course you know, you never know when you get older and you know, you

  • look in the mirror and you wonder if you can convince yourself. Yes this is me. I'm

  • you younger. You know I always think about some words from from my father . He

  • said you know, one day when you get older, you look in the mirror and he said you

  • say who are you ? Who is that person ? I kind of wonder if a younger me would

  • actually recognize me. But probably with intimate knowledge I could probably

  • convince him. I am you. But anyway you know we would all probably tell

  • ourselves different advice if this were possible. Now of course this is not

  • really possible. So let's continue here. This quote tries to make you look at

  • yourself from a third-person perspective and give yourself advice. You go out

  • and you know, from somebody else. What would you give yourself to try to

  • tell your future self or do something for your future self that your future

  • self would appreciate that you did today ? And I did notice that this quote ...

  • Yeah. This has this has been picked up by a lot of journalists and they like to

  • add some advice and here's some ... here's some general stuff that we could say. Of

  • course everybody's different. So everybody may have very different advice

  • that they would give themselves. And it should be that way because everybody is

  • different. Anyway, so let's let's look at the note here . What to do for your

  • future self or advice can vary from person to person. Just what I said.

  • However here is a list of some general tips that you know, a lot of people you

  • know, would appreciate. Never stop learning. I definitely agree with this

  • one. No matter how old you get, remember we've covered other quotes from Mark

  • Twain and a number of people that always tell you this. A lot of very important

  • people always tell you this. It doesn't matter you know, a lot of people think

  • you know, once you leave school... that's kind of you at the end of your learning

  • you don't have to concentrate. No. Learn always learn more. Always let your mind

  • go in a different direction and let it let it follow its path and try to learn

  • as much as you can even even right up to the day you die. All right. Let's continue.

  • All right so ... invest in yourself. Okay. By picking up more and more skills. Yeah.

  • Yeah I kind of wish I did more of these things myself now. Whatever it is. There's

  • many skills you know, learn another language, learn a martial art or learn,

  • learn how to cook. Oh there's many things. Whatever it is. The more skills you learn

  • you'd be surprised how they may come in handy or benefit you at some point.

  • Okay eat healthy. You know try to stay healthy. You never know what what kind of

  • illness you may come down with in the future. The healthier you stay, the better off

  • you'll probably be. And maybe you know the better, the better lifestyle

  • you could have. Try to stick to an exercise program. That's also part of

  • staying healthy as well. Forget about past regrets. Yeah. This sometimes it's a

  • tough one. But again move on and just keep going. That's what you should do.

  • Improve your communication skills. You know for whoever it is that you have to

  • communicate with this will always come in handy. Okay.

  • Search out and be loyal to those you believe really love you and would never

  • betray or cheat you. You know this is not always an easy thing to do because

  • sometimes people change. Along the way, And you must do the same

  • for them. That's just as important. Okay. This is just some advice. I'm sure many

  • you out there would have other good pieces of advice. You know, you can you

  • could send them. You send that and say... put them in the comments. Or send them. Let me

  • know if you have other good pieces of advice. You would like to tell your

  • younger self. Anyway, it's its food for thought to think about this. I hope you

  • got it. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 256. The quote today is by Sean


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