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(upbeat music)
- I'm Jan Kingaard, CEO of King Size Bows Incorporated,
and welcome to my bow kingdom.
We're in the joy business.
We make special occasions special.
I have to say that our most popular bow
is our signature monarch bow, the red and silver one.
The Lexus commercials, that we've had the privilege of doing
for the last eight years,
has really drawn attention to the multi-loop bows.
We're the only ones in the United States
who actually make those bows.
We make them out of a variety of fabrics and textures,
and those are the ones that people are most interested in.
There's a whole bow language that most people don't speak,
but there are definitely differences of opinions
about how many loops, how long the tails should be,
and whether there's a V-cut or an angled cut.
We are pleased to be on every showroom from Ferrari,
to the Mini, to the Ford, to BMW.
Now, we've found that customers really expect to keep
the bow when they buy the car.
They wanna drive away with the bow.
You'd be surprised where people put bows,
it's not just on top of a car.
Any place that you wanna say, look at me, look at me.
It can be on a bicycle, or a surf board, or skis,
on a gate, on the top of your house at a pinnacle.
Once you put a bow on it, it's a present.


Where the Bows In Holiday Car Commercials Come From

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