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I'm Peppa Pig this is my little brother George
this is Mommy pig
this is Daddy pig
Pink Pig has started
Today's episode "Cleaning the Car Ourselves"
Daddy pig is taking the family for a drive in the country
Hurry up. Is everybody ready?
Daddy pig we're ready!
But the car isn't ready!
Look how messy it is!
Oh it's not too bad!
You should see how messy it is inside
Naughty messy daddy!
Naughty messy daddy!
Look at all this rubbish
They are mine
They are mine
and also Mr. Dinosaur
We must take the car and clean it before leaving
Oh! What you say is correct Mammy Pig
Mummy can we help to clean the car
Yes, you can help
Daddy Pig prepared some soapy water to wash the car
Daddy Pig washes the car's roof
Mummy Pig washes the engine cover
Peppa washes the car's door
George wants to wash the windows
But his body is too little
Poor George
let me help you
Oh dear! George took the sponge and dropped into the muddy puddle
George! You again took the car and turned it dirty!
I will take the mude washed down
Peppa don't use...
...muddy water
Oh Dear!
Peppa has thrown the muddy water all
over the car
never mind we can use the garden hose to clean it off
Great! Great!
I will hold the hose, can it be?
Peppa holds the hose and Daddy Pig turns on the water opens the water
Why is it the water hasn't come yet?
Peppa don't do this way
I am sorry Mummy
Daddy Pig, please turn off the water
oh no need to panic
oh dear everyone is wet
at least the car has been washed
we've all been washed
you go dry yourselves while I polish the car
see you later
see you later
Daddy Pig is polishing the car very well
so it can be used as a mirror
what a funny face
Oh more funny faces
it's Peppa and George
and Mummy Pig
what a lovely shiny car
yes I am a bit
of an expert at these things
come on I'll drive today
everybody ready?
then let's go
I hope you would all keep this car clean today
yes Mummy Pig
yes Mummy Pig
mummy now you made the car all muddy again
Oh naughty mummy


Peppa Pig Mandarin with Simplified Chinese Subtitles

612 タグ追加 保存
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