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[CHARACTER MAKEUP APPLICATION] This is the vacuform head piece.
You see there's some Pro-Poxy which is a
two part epoxy compound,
holding some rare earth magnets
onto the vacuform head piece which has been
taken from a copy of Charlie's life cast.
So what we're going to do
is going to sit this on,
like a glove, right?
And Steve, if you could grab me the head piece,
I want to make sure, before I adhere this,
that it's going to line up
with these sockets for the horns
on the back of the head piece.
So, I'm just going to drape this on.
That's where those would go.
I'm lining up-- I don't know--
let me rotate this around, you see that?
I'm lining up where the sockets are
inside the head piece.
Now I can bring that forward a little bit,
make sure that's okay.
Going to have to cut this way Chris.
I just want to make sure...
It's almost feeling to me like
this needs to rotate.
How does that feel?
It's important to ask you actor--
go and keep your head still.
Rotate on top of you.
To ask your actor how they--
how the pieces are feeling to them.
Especially in this case because
Charlie has been through this before
and it was very successful last time,
so if it doesn't feel the same
he's going to let me know.
Which means that I need to adjust somewhere.
But-- okay-- now you can see we've got
all of our rare earth magnets exposed
through the various ports on the head,
which means that our vacuform head piece
is in the right place.
So I can take this off, give it to Steve.
Alright, so, I'm going to lock this on.
This is where we want it to be.
What I'm going to do first, is I'm going to do
a quick line where our vacuform head piece goes.
Alright, a little bit at the back just to guide.
So we can take this off.
Steve, I will let you hold that temporarily.
And then, we're going to get that big brush,
the big glue brush... I'll just do that.
Okay, and I'm going to lock
the vacuform head piece down.
Okay, it just needs to be slightly adhered.
Doesn't need to be bolted down.
So I'm just going to do the top.
Find out where those other glue brushes went.
Okay, now I know where this goes,
so the key is... nailing it in the first shot.
Which I didn't (laughter).
Err...laugh. And now it's moving, see?
But look at that?... while it was moving.
Now that's bang on. I'm done (laughter).
- JOEL: Alright,so that's - CHARLIE: You better not be.
Okay, so there we go.
That head piece has been adhered,
does that feel...there we go, we're locked in.
Now we're going to move on to ears.
Steve, maybe you can do one side
as I do another.
Alright, see we've got a little bit of a
strange fold right there.
MATT WINSTON: Is there any risk of
brain damage with these rare earth magnets?
CHARLIE: Fine thing to ask. (laughter)
MATT: Seems like he's got a thick skull
but I'm a little concerned. (laughter)
CHARLIE: Well it is thick.
JOEL: Just beneficial brain damage.
Is there such a thing?
There we go.
Alright Steve-O, let's start doing some ears.
You kind of place it and then I'll confirm.
Chris, can I get you to man the glue.
Okay, just tacking it in on the top edge.
Ears are tricky things.
Yep, that's it.
Take a look at it from the front
but that looks like it.
I'll come around.
I'm just-- there we go, yeah now he's good.
I'll keep working on this one.
Just make sure Steve, that this area
is almost like a...
- STEVE: It wants to come down like that - JOEL: Exactly.
- STEVE: I got you. - JOEL: Okay.
- STEVE: Which one is which? - JOEL: We need more glue.
You'll notice this brush that I'm using,
I've broken and bent at an angle
which allows me to get up and under.
Feel free to take your material,
your equipment, your tools,
and bend them into any shape that you need.
MATT: Use Pro-Poxy for this?
JOEL: Yeah it's-- you know what?
Yes it is Pro-Poxy, it's the same material
that's holding these magnets
onto Charlie's head.
Aside from the magnet that's already in there.
This is where it really comes in handy.
Imagine if that brush was straight?
I don't know if you can see that, that close.
But if that was straight,
I'd never be able to get in
now I can just swoop in under it.
You know, and if I wanted a brush
that did that, almost came back in a U,
then I would make one of those.
If you find you need something like that,
grab your favourite brush, bend it,
either super glue it or Pro-Poxy it,
and you'll be the hit of the neighborhood.
People would be like...
"What, I've never seen that."
Nice Steve, good, better than my side.
- (OFFSCREEN): Joel? - JOEL: Yes?
(OFFSCREEN): Was baldies used
or super baldies used?
JOEL: Regular baldies was used.
We don't use a lot of the super baldies.
See? so here we go.
See there's a little bit of an edge there,
so go in, and dig in under that edge.
Alright, and then,
take a little bit of powder,
and a stopper, and knock it down.
Ha... What do you think of that?
See when stuff like that works,
makes me excited.
So Charlie, what made you want to
go under something like this?
CHARLIE: Well...
JOEL: I had no idea it would be
something like this.
CHARLIE: I didn't.
Just as long as you don't
keep me from hearing the sweet stuff.
- JOEL: Who's that? me? - CHARLIE: Don't yelp, right (laughter).
(OFFSCREEN): Joshua was wondering
if you created the bald cap
or is it a generic bald cap?
JOEL: It's-- you know what?
This is a M.E.L., yes?
This is a bald cap that we purchased
from Make-up Effects Lab.
And Steve, you want to talk about
what it's made out of?
I know it's vinyl but is there silicone in it?
STEVE: I think this one is just
a pure vinyl one.
I know they've made them with
like a hybrid.
This is pure vinyl, it's fairly thick
so it's strong, it doesn't split.
And they work really well.
JOEL: So short answer, no.
We purchase the cap.
MATT: We'll find the URL for M.E.L.
for you guys and put it in the chat box.
I think you can buy these right online.
JOEL: Yeah you can, yes.
And I highly recommend them.
You know we've used a lot of caps
and these are some of the best.
Thank you Chris.
- JOEL: How's your side? - STEVE: Take a look.
JOEL: Yeah it's great man, just powder it.
Yeah it's really good. Alright.
Okay, let's go back of the head, yes?


Prosthetic Makeup Application: Silicone Ears - FREE CHAPTER

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