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I never got to see you anymore. I missed your face.
I know you don't always like it, but I love it. It's my son's face.
When I was reading the script, I was wondering how are they gonna make him look?
And will the actor be able to sort of communicate the emotions underneath this makeup to make it sort of believable that he has facial differences?
I was never gonna do it if it was going to become a CGI animation because it wouldn't feel like a real kid and it has to be real kid.
It's a cornerstone to it.
The fact that Jacob was 9 and him only being able to shoot so many hours a day, was a problem...
...Because makeups normally of this type takes close to three hours at least and that couldn't happen because...
...then you don't have time to shoot really.
So, I knew from the beginning that this had to be designed and come together in such a way that it...
...could be applied with maybe one and a half hours.
And he constructed this makeup and has gotten the time down to basically putting out on an hour and a half, which is astonishing in and of itself.
But just a beautiful...application that really transforms this young boy into into Auggie.


Wonder Behind the Scenes - Transformation (2017) | Movieclips Extras

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