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- I think we have to give up on
person number three.
(upbeat music)
Hi, I'm Inga.
I really like bento boxes.
Recently, I found some super, super, super cute ones
on the internet, so I decided to challenge myself
to see if I can make a super cute bento box.
I've never made bento boxes before.
I definitely don't think it's going to be easy.
I'm hoping that my bento box looks
at least a little bit presentable.
A bento box that hopefully people will think
is too cute to eat.
Alright, so let's go!
So the first step before I did anything else
was to buy a bento box.
This is my bento box.
If you make a cute bento, your bento box has to be cute.
I also got a couple of shape cutouts,
including this panda face one,
flowers, star cutouts,
and some cute faces.
The bento box materials also came with a pair of tweezers
and a pin.
I don't know what this pin is gonna be used for.
The next thing was to buy ingredients.
I got carrots, I got tomatoes, kale,
cheese, ham, and sausages, rice,
seaweed, and some tofu skin.
Let's get started.
So I'm gonna start off with the little sausages.
We're gonna create little octopuses.
I'm supposed to just cut eight feet out.
I tore his leg.
I don't know how I already messed up.
Maybe I should do this.
This is not safe.
Eight legs.
I'm also gonna prep the eggs.
We're gonna make an egg omelette.
A lot of bento boxes that I saw on the internet
include this.
It looks pretty and it's a great source of protein.
I'm gonna add some dried vegetables.
I am like the clumsiest person in the world.
Wait, it's been 20 minutes?
That's because I dropped stuff.
It'll all be a breeze from here, I'm sure.
Alright sausages.
Looks like a little octopus.
Alright, I think that's done.
Just gonna let them cool down a little bit.
Next up, make the egg omelette.
I've only done this like two times before.
Please don't burn.
Slowly fold this up.
Oh my god.
Then we gotta do it again.
I really want to get that nice layered oval shape
that I see in the bento box videos.
Egg omelette!
We have the first two things done.
So what I'm gonna try and do right now
is to shape little rice balls.
Oh my god.
The rice is all caught in my hand.
Help me help you become human beings.
We have our rice balls.
So now what I'm gonna try to do
is to form little hats with this,
put it on top of the rice ball.
Think of like a tofu skin beanie.
We want to do something like this.
This is not my trick, I learnt it from YouTube guys.
This is slippery.
Not as quick as I thought it would be.
I'm gonna try to put the beanies on the little rice balls.
Put that in there.
Now it looks like a little hat!
Keeping the rice ball warm.
I'm gonna cut out faces for both the rice ball beings
and also the hats.
So I'm gonna use the ham and the cheese
and then for the little details,
I'll have to cut it out using seaweed.
This should be pretty simple.
It's just cutting shapes out, right?
How do I get this out?
This is what this is for, right?
Oh yes.
Perfect cheese circle.
It's like glue.
Mayo is my glue right now.
There we go.
I feel like these beanies are giving up on me too.
Okay, I'm not touching it again.
I don't want to destroy it.
Then we're gonna do the eyes for the little sausages.
My hands are shakin'.
Looks like eyeballs.
They're kinda creepy looking.
I'm just gonna cut out some cheeks.
Here we go.
They're not the best looking things,
but they look presentable.
This is taking a lot more time than I thought it would.
But we're making good progress.
So I got a piece of seaweed.
We're gonna try cutting out these faces.
Nope, didn't make a dent in it.
Trying the other face.
How long did I do this for?
It should work.
Amazon said they would work.
Amazon never lies.
How about with metal?
I just broke it.
This is my backup and if this doesn't work,
I'm gonna run out and get something else, I don't know what.
Fingers crossed.
That sounds promising.
Trim the mouths.
My hands are legit shaking.
There we go.
First mouth.
I need me some eyes right now.
Can he just have bigger eyes?
Because I can't cut.
I for--
Did that eye just fly out?
How is it possible that people do this every day?
They look cute, right?
Sorry, I'm too excited.
Now I just gotta finish off these sausage eyes.
the octopus
has arrived.
Oh, yes.
I'm just gonna cut up the egg,
cut up the carrots,
and we're gonna put them all together.
I am so tired.
My back hurts.
But I feel so accomplished.
Let's assemble.
Put some kale in.
Start by putting in the little people.
We're gonna put in the eggs,
and then we're gonna put in the little sausages,
cherry tomatoes,
last thing, the pretty flower carrots.
And there you have it!
It's kind of cute.
I'm pretty proud of myself.
I spent two and a half hours.
I did not expect to be here for so long.
Big shout out to people who do this every day.
So much respect for you.
Will I ever do this for my kids?
I am done.
I'm done.
So this was fun.
Do I want to eat this?
No, because I think it's a little too cute.
Let me know what you think.
Should I do this again?
Please say no.
And yeah, thank you for watching me fail.


I Tried Making A Ridiculously Cute Bento Box

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