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- Hey, guys, it's Inga.
I'm back at it again.
Today, I'm actually going to make
a giant cotton candy flower,
which was also something I saw on the streets of China.
It's exactly as you would imagine.
It's just layers and layers of cotton candy
until it builds up into this huge candy flower.
As you guys know, I am not the best at this,
but I do give it my best shot.
Let's go.
So, we have the cotton candy machine, the sugar scooper,
and we also have different colored cotton candy sugar.
Start the machine, and you're gonna let it warm up.
I don't really have a lot of experience making cotton candy.
I think I've only made it once before.
(bubbles popping)
Also in China, because they use skewers instead of cones,
I'm also going to be using this.
I'm just gonna do a warmup.
Actually, this is a bit hard to scoop.
(upbeat music)
Okay, that's much prettier.
I'm just gonna test this first one.
I'm terrified.
This is your normal cotton candy.
Now, I need to do a not normal one.
The ultimate goal is huge.
That's why it's hard.
15 layers, let's try this.
You just have to spin really fast.
Holy moly, is this normal?
Oh, I forgot to put water on the stick.
It's falling off.
No, no, no, no.
I'm getting cotton candy everywhere.
I'm gonna do this again.
(chuckles) It all went on my hand.
How much is there?
This is...
What is going on right now?
I actually don't know how I'm gonna be able to do this.
Oh my stress, oh my stress, you see?
Let's try that again.
(upbeat music)
How did he do this?
So, you kind of just fold.
You just need to make it look like a flower.
Does this look like a flower?
You fold it up like that.
As long as it looks like it has five or six petals.
I have to make like 15 layers of this.
This is getting a bit much.
Okay, so now I fold it again.
I need a...
Oh, it looks so good on camera.
We're going the right thing.
The key is to spin really fast.
(laughs) That's it.
So, we're gonna fold it again.
I feel like it's about to fall off,
but that just means we need to keep on going.
It's too big.
I feel like
you're beginning to not be able to see the layers.
It looks...
I'm gonna keep on going.
This is like a panic attack every time.
I'm aiming for 15.
We have one, two, three, four, five.
Six down, nine more to go.
Here we go.
Oh, this one smells like funky grape.
Okay, this one's a little gross,
but we're gonna keep on going.
Oh my God, I have cotton candy all the way up to my elbow.
My hand has become part of the stick.
So far we have eight, this is the eighth layer.
I feel like it's beginning to melt.
I'm just going to start speed doing this.
I feel like I have candy all over my face.
It's starting to look like a giant dumpling.
Five more.
Oh my God, I'm getting delusional.
I don't go lifting enough to do this.
I am...
Holy moly.
It's starting to get a little too big to handle.
I think we're pretty much there.
Should I do one more?
That is not the spirit.
Can you see my face?
Why am I doing that?
Why, why, nope, stop, okay.
One more layer to wrap it up.
It's gonna be huge.
It's done.
It's already started to blend together.
At least I got to this point.
- Yum!
- These people who do it in China, they're super precise,
they're super detailed.
I'm pretty proud, and I will see y'all next time.
I have a lot of sugar to go through.
(upbeat music)


I Made A Giant Cotton Candy Flower

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