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It started as a simple hike through the woods.
Oh, it feels so good to get out of the city.
Until one hiker revealed ulterior motives.
My mother gave me this map.
Right before she died.
This summer, one question needs answering.
Why would she give you a map?
You'll have to see the movie to find out.
She left it to help you find evidence clearing her of a crime you didn't know she was accused of?
Man, this is a crazy hike.
Get Ready for a mystery.
I have no idea what this is.
That was a cursed tiki idol dating back to the Spanish inquisition.
Hey guys, come here!
But that isn't the only thing they find.
Found a box.
That's the other thing they find.
But what's inside?
It's a pocket watch.
Right, but who does it belong to?
Robert E. Lee.
That's crazy.
Uh, okay, but just when you think you know what's going on, you find out someone was a traitor the whole time.
I never would have guessed it was you.
-No, don't show uh - And, that's why you were so easy to fool.
Yep, he's the traitor.
-Why don't we just split up? -Cover more ground?
Seriously? That was the second plot twist.
Yeah, I'll go with Tom.
And that was the third.
Of course you will.
There's nothing going on between us.
Really? Well, since we're all sharing secrets, she kisses him later in this trailer, and then she dies.
Good bye!
My friend.
Oh yeah, and he dies, too.
It's also pretty sad, but the big one is when that girl dies, because Tom had just told her he loves her.
Oh, it just breaks your heart.
Then two of them get trapped in a tree. -Look.
This whole place is booby-trapped.
So unless you have some genius plan, we're not getting out of here.
That guy has an idea.
I have an idea.
And I'll bet we're about to hear it.
I can't believe you antagonized a bear.
Oh, there is no way that should have worked.
Man, there's like five minutes that was really suspenseful, you know?
Like, when you and the bear were on the edge of the cliff and you were-- Your legs were dangling above it's mouth, and there was that point where your leg was in the bear's mouth,
and you grabbed onto that tree branch, and you broke it off, and you stuck it between this bear's teeth?
Oh, and you got your leg out and pulled yourself to safety at the last possible second.
And the bear fell to its death and split the ground open, and it revealed that secret cave we've been looking for this whole time?
Oh man!
My heart was pounding.
It was just
Let's see what other scenes we haven't shown yet.
Guys, we're lost!
See? uh, kissing.
Hey, Guys! We're not lost anymore.
Yeah, he loses that arm.
Get him some water.
See the film that critics would have called wonderfully gripping and full of twists.
Like the part where we find out his mom is still alive.
Man didn't see that coming.
You can't hide from me.
Treasure Hike.
One thing is for sure.
I'm never going hiking again.
Except in the sequel, they're already filming in Morocco.
Indiana Jones made this looks so easy.
And that's the funniest part in the whole film.



あるあるパロディ、内容がバレすぎる映画の予告編 (Movie Trailer That Spoils Everything)

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