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I feel like Lex Luther when I do this.
This must be what he does.
His morning ritual, every day.
I've gotten close.
I've buzzed down to like a one or a two every once in a while, you know.
I tease it a little bit, but no, I've never shaved my head all the way.
All of a sudden you wake up, and that widow's peak that I used to have now kinda started going backwards.
I didn't want to believe that I was losing my hair.
So you kinda ignore it for a while.
Started at the age of 20.
At 20 you're supposed to have a full head of hair.
Soon as it starts to happen to you, you start to think about these things.
You definitely go through that self conscious stage where you're trying to hide it.
I am balding. I can't be balding.
I look older.
People are gonna think differently of me now because of this.
I might as well just bite the bullet and see what I look like all the way bald.
People has said I probably have a good head for it.
Sometimes going bald can look pretty sexy, so...
I really hope that I will look good.
You know some people have the head for it, other people do not.
And you don't necessarily find that out until you've gone there.
Yeah let's shave this head.
Yeah let's try it.
Shave it off.
I've never seen myself as a bald head.
Getting rained on by my own hair.
That was a big chunk of hair that just fell off.
I really don't know why I've never done this before.
Am I good?
I think that now it's time to go full.
Alright let's do this.
The instruction manual said that we have to have this.
I'm sooner go overboard.
I'm really excited to see how this looks.
Alright, moment of truth here.
We'll see about my girlfriend.
She might not like it as much.
I'm kinda sold on this already.
I haven't seen it yet, but it feels dope.
This is a weird feeling.
My head is not used to being shaved.
It's just my skin.
Oh yeah that's definitely bald.
I like it, wow.
I guess it plays to the evilness.
Maybe, maybe.
Definitely interesting thing to get used to.
Seeing yourself with no hair.
I just saved a lot of money on haircuts.
I can feel the breeze.
If there was a breeze in here.
I think this is something I could do again.
I like the shape of my head fortunately.
Whether or not I like it, it's definitely easier than trying to combat going bald.
If I saw myself on the street, I would think wow that guy has a lot of confidence.
Just to shave all his hair off like that, and not care necessarily what people think.
I don't care if I am bald, long hair, short hair, totally bald, half bald.
It doesn't matter to me because I'm always true to myself.
And that's kind of why I don't mind this look.
I like to think I'm true to myself.



抜け毛が気になる男性丸坊主に、その感想は? (Balding Guys Go Completely Bald)

955 タグ追加 保存
Lian 2019 年 8 月 27 日 に公開    kazuki-nomoto 翻訳    Sophie チェック
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