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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 359. All right. The title of
today's lesson is the difference between observe and celebrate, especially when
we're talking about a holiday. Because sometimes I'll get students ask what's
the difference between observe and celebrate. All right. Now with this one that's
definitely some crossover, but it's definitely areas where we're probably
more likely to use observe and we're more likely to use celebrate in other
situations. So let's take a look at the note. Let's start. We are more likely to
say that we observe a holiday if it is in reference to accepting and performing
practices or rituals connected to a holiday, especially if it's in a more
serious or solemn manner. Those are the times where we're more likely to say
that we observe the holiday. We are more likely to say that one celebrates a
holiday by doing something that is enjoyable,
joyous, entertaining, etc. that is connected to a special event. Okay. Let's
continue. It is possible to use both for actions related to a particular holiday.
So really we mean to the same holiday. So let's give an example of this. For
example, it would be more suitable to say some Americans observe the Fourth of
July by hanging an American flag outside their house. Yeah. But I don't know would we
say celebrate? I don't know somebody might but we don't really celebrate. We don't jump
around with the flag. It's more like something that you just observe. It's a
practice that some do just to show you know that they love their country or
patriotism. So it's more like observing in this case. Well, let's continue. We
would be more likely to say we celebrate it. You know , celebrate the Fourth of July
by having a barbecue or watching the fireworks. These are typical things that
people do and this is more fun. This is a more enjoyable. So you're more likely to
hear the word celebrate in this sort of situation. Okay. Good.
In regard to Valentine's this is another
example. I never hear people say that they observe the holiday. We usually
hear couples celebrate by giving gifts, having romantic dinners etc. Now to say
you observe a Valentine's Day seems like it takes all the romance out of the
holiday. I don't think women would like meant to say they're observing and it
feels like it's more like a duty. Then more like they're doing it out of love
or admiration for their partner. So we don't hear observe. We mostly hear
celebrate with a holiday like this. So it's more for fun or enjoyment really.
All right. Yeah. Let's look at another example here. We may say some Americans
observe Memorial Day by visiting a war memorial to honor fallen soldiers. This
is a more seriousness, more solemn holiday. To be honest most Americans
probably do neither. They probably neither observe nor
celebrate this holiday. You know in regard to the event. In regard to the
occasion most people probably just think of it as a day off. They may celebrate
another way but it really has nothing to do with the holiday. Stores like to
celebrate by having sales on that day. So they can make more money. They'll choose
any holiday to do that. So but again. So this is a more serious. In a more solemn
one. So more likely to say observe. You know they if they went to a war memorial.
In Asia there's there's another holiday called Tomb Sweeping Day. This is
another serious and you know , I'm a more serious really holiday that we're not
likely to say celebrate. This is where a lot of Asians may go to the grave site
of their ancestors and clean it off. So they may observe the holiday by doing
this. By bringing some food or by cleaning their gravesite and something
like this. That's why it's called Tomb Sweeping Day. So in that sort of
situation you'd probably be more likely to say observe as opposed to celebrate.
Because celebrate just feels out of place for that day. Okay. All right. So I mean
again this can be true with with many different
holidays. You know, certain actions, you might say celebrate other actions you
may say observe. Observe definitely sounds more formal. There's another thing
to note though. I sometimes hear people say we will celebrate this holiday in
what like having a Christmas Mass. And if you say that now on the surface it seems
kind of serious. But not really they celebrated because they're celebrating
their religion. They're celebrating their belief in God. So in that sense they
might still say celebrate as opposed to observe. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got a
better feel of when we might use one instead of the other. Anyway , I hope it's
clear. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Lesson (359) The Difference Between Observe and Celebrate

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