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hey everybody its Ryan this is Jamie my girlfriend today we are sitting in the
John Deere 46:40 and we are harvesting corn now a couple videos back we taught
Jamie how to drive a John Deere x7 30 lawn mower lawn tractor so today I
figured that we'd step it up and teach you how to drive a bigger tractor an
actual row-crop tractor and today is her birthday so be sure to mate wish your
happy birthday in the comments all right are you ready to learn yep okay here we
go so are you ready yep okay now the first thing you're gonna want to do is
start the tractor and it's just like a car so I'll look for the key okay let's
go ahead and start it all the way hold it closer good now the second thing you
want to do is to adjust the steering wheel to where it's at you in a nice
spot for you so keep one hand on the wheel and then reach down with your
right you'll see that lever down there pull up on her no drop it down
okay so he ever driven anything
okay so she has some kind of experience driving vehicles with the clutch so are
we gonna want to do it's in park right now this tractor has a power assisted
Park release and basically it's fancy fancy fancy whirring for
you have to put it like drive before you so pushing the clutch just down here
push it all the way in there you go now the next thing you want to do is to put
bar right lever into a so push it it's in park early so you're gonna have to
give it some force
he's out there when you're on flat terrain it isn't gonna be like that and
then since we're facing downhill you're gonna have to put the actual
shifting levers into one arm which is all the way down okay so do not release
the clutch quickly that excuse us for all the junk in here it's
been a long day so alright slowly release the clutch now very slowly
okay push back now put your right foot on those brakes
tractor moving yep football
okay you ready you're gonna have to push shift this lever into one
because here's your shifting pattern right there so you don't want to put it
into a one so shift it up one spot
pushing forward there you go now it's in place now when you release the clutch
the tractor will slowly start moving forward and you can release the brakes
the same time very slowly
yep sit down
there you go
now to control your actual speed walk with them the gear you're gonna want to
control your engine speed which is the small yellow knob by the shifting motors
so push that forward you're gonna start moving faster yep
it's what call the oh the
so go ahead and push it forward push
there you if you watch your engine speed will
increase as you
keep going all the way up there
now since this is a partial ownership you can switch to a to automatically so
move this handle to the left step forward to the left now we just sped up
yep you have to go straight through the middle of them so try to try the middle
of the tractor straight down cigarette
yep follow the tracks we're hauling a little greenback combine now take it
into Travis
she's freaking out a little bit I shifted it up to the B range for so
we're all a little bit faster but nothing else can
start to feel uncertain to pull back
yeah the yellow one the orange smaller
here she goes to having her first tractor by yourself
Jamie take the wheel check it from my head
alright guys I only talk to me the very bare basics because since she's still a
beginner and won't really have to teach her how to use the scbs at the power
take-off or anything fancy that much so this is all we're doing today now she
can actually drive the tractor on her own
actually steer the steering wheel Wow she's a pro so thanks for watching guys
sure to check out other videos and we will


Teaching Her To Drive A Tractor! (John Deere 4640)

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