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Excellent playing! There is one thing we have to fix.
Your pinky has to be curved! Here let me show you.
Mr. Yang, can you tune my violin for me, please?
How did you practice?
I didn't know how to tune, so I didn't practice.
So yesterday our teacher told us about the Egyptian pyramids!
They are thousands years old!
And the pharaohs have a lot of treasures and mummies inside! Woah!
Anyway can you play for me the piece you have been practicing?
Do you think mummies play violin?
Yes, they play violin.
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
You do realize that the first part you need to save bow for the A otherwise you can't really hear the…
Son of a…
Okay, so last time we learn how to use the first finger...
Today I am going to show you how to use the second and the third finger on the A string.
I want to play frozen.
*Brett is frozen*
Very good playing! Can you just hold the scroll a little bit higher?
Maybe just to where your nose is.
Past your nose there.
Move your elbow a little bit less because your string crossings are going a bit too far.
I can't do it.
I can't do it!
It's too hard…
It's too... hard…
Just try…
I can't do it!
It's too hard…
It's too... hard...
Yeah, just make sure you don't touch the two strings when you start.
Can we start with your second piece that you learn last week?
Why are there two light bulbs?
Because… There's just…
I.. I don't know… There's just two bulbs…
Anyway, can we start your piece?
I once had a Pokemon called Bulbasaur.
I named it Bulby.
Why are there two light bulbs?
So what can you do to improve this bit?
I don't know.
Do you know what forte means?
So did you practice this week?
Uh… I had soccer training… My hand hurt this week...
Oh… We went on a family trip to the…
Family trip is important.
It's good… It's always good to hang out with your family…
My curfew is at 9pm so I had to sleep.
Sleep is important.
I had a lot of school.
How about this?
For next week, just try to do five minutes of practice.
That means less than one minute a day.
Do you think you can do that?
I don't know.
So can I hear the Bach that we started learning last week?
can i iron yo shirt
Well okay, well, I think maybe for next week we can learn the fugue for the second week.
I've already learned it.
Wow. I wish there were more students like you.
That's cause I don't exist.
Yup. See you next week.
Bye sir!


13 Types of (Beginner) Music Students

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