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Hey everybody
so this is gonna have to be a filler week because as you know,
Right now I am working on the next few country episodes
but in the meantime
This is gonna be part two of the last video that I did for filler week explaining the largest cities in the USA per state
Before I get into it, I got a quick announcement
So a while back I checked the UN's website on the statistics division
and as of recently they just officially accepted the switch of the name between
Swaziland to Eswatini so taking all of that into account for the very first time we will nullify the
Alphabetical rule for geography now and the next episode will be Eswatini. Whoa that has never happened before on the show
Anyway, let's get into these cities. Shall we Billings, Montana?
This is like this city you fly to if you want to visit
Yellowstone National Park because it's like the largest major city it close to the area
I've known people that have lived here and they said it's kind of like a small town with a lot of people that
Accidentally became a city. It's one of those Wild West cities where like a lot of famous Cowboys lived and died
I've never been here, but I feel like the people here probably really like to carve wood
I don't know if you're from Billings. Is that true?
Do you like to carve wood? Omaha, Nebraska Omaha is like that deep core of the Midwest
I knew somebody from Omaha and they joked that Omaha is like the city that you're born in so that you can move out
They literally even have a bronze sculpture park dedicated to the people that moved out in Conestoga wagons back in the 1800s
They have a huge pedestrian bridge. They host the College World Series
They have five fortune 500 companies found here including Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway
Of course, he lives there but most importantly Omaha is famous for its takes some of our best steaks come from here
They're literally shipped all over the world in like those dry ice containers
You know, it's good
If it's from Omaha, Las Vegas, Nevada, keep in mind though
All that flashy casino stuff on the Las Vegas Strip is technically not part of Las Vegas City
It's part of a separate entity called Paradise, which is kind of like an unincorporated town of the USA
It used to be run by the Mafia or whatever something like that Vegas is basically Los Angeles's crazy
Ex-girlfriend that he keeps hitting up out of loneliness and literally I'm not even joking
Everything has a casino in it. The gas stations the grocery stores the 7-eleven medical assistants
Just go around the roulette table the thrills the lights the shows the overdraft fees
I mean if this recreation is your thing, then I say go for it, but for me no offense, Las Vegas
But you're just a little bit too much for me, Manchester, New Hampshire
Manchester is what I would like to call a novelist city. You know how all those famous authors like Stephen King or that dude?
Who wrote Catcher in the Rye they just kind of like disappeared from the public eye and they hide away in these classes serene foresty
Atmospheres. That's basically Manchester. It's a place where rich authors can just like hide
Otherwise, I'll let's see what else my research says. They had this huge converted mill building from the 1800s
There's a lot of good kayaking and skiing in the winter I guess, Newark, New Jersey
It's like New York's little sidekick slash conjoined twin today. They have the busiest shipping port in the East Coast
They have an old Irish Catholic Church. They have the largest cherry blossom fields
Oh Michael B. Jordan Joe Rogan Queen Latifah, Joe Pesci and Whitney Houston are from here, huh? I didn't know that, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Breaking Bad made this place very booze
And Albuquerque is like one of the largest metropolitan cities that has one of the largest percentages of Native Americans in it
I think the population is like somewhere between five to ten percent
you see tribes like the Navajo the Apache they even have their own culture and community centers and it's really crazy because the city is
Like on a very flat plane, but like juxtaposed to these very amazing eroded Dancer rocky red mountains
They have like a hot air balloon festival every year when they love putting green chili on everything, New York City, New York
Yeah, you all know this place. Anyway, New York is our country's largest city by population
New York is basically the us's gateway to the world
they host a UN and like consulates for like almost every country in the world speaking of which New York is the most
Linguistically and disputable ethnically diverse city in the world at least 800 languages are spoken by minority groups in the city
the city is divided into five boroughs that kind of act like counties New York has so many schools that they just kind of like
Gave up on naming them and just named them my number they have their own City style hot dogs pizza
We all know the main tourist attraction, so I'm not gonna mention them
But I will say this people live in New York for their entire lives and even they barely scratched the surface of New York
Charlotte, North Carolina
Aka buzz city, I guess they really like bees or Hornets. I'm gonna name their basketball team after Hornets
It's what I like to call a checkerboard city. It's like half black half white with sprinkles of Latinos and Asian's every so often
Let's see what my search says for ten years between 2004 and 2014 charlotte ranked as the country's fastest growing city nearly doubling in size
Whoa jobs have been opening up like rapid fire and housing is cheap
I know the feeling I get is that Charlotte is kind of like probably a place where people have block parties
And they played the stereo on their porches as they sit down and let the kids run around in the sprinklers on hot humid summer
days, Fargo, North Dakota
Fargo like Omaha is a Midwestern city and it really likes to capitalize off of the movie Fargo
They actually have a wood carving of Marge the cop they even have the wood chipper from the movie at the Visitor Center
Where you can take pictures of yourself pretending to be a sociopath? Yeah, that was a pretty messed up movie
Fargo is a pretty small city and it's home to one of our largest
Scandinavian communities it kind of shares its general metropolitan area across the river with Minnesota here
You can find the heme combs
Center that features a Viking ship that actually was sailed to Norway as well as a traditional stuff cork and Norwegian style stave Church
I don't know. I just feel like if you want that endearingly warm, but kind of weird typical Midwestern culture come to Fargo, Columbus, Ohio
The Buckeyes city. What is a Buckeye it's this nut thing that grows from a tree and it looks like a deers eyeball
Hence Buckeye, and it's literally their mascot
Like I'm not even joking their mascot is a nut and it's name of the most famous college football team the Buckeyes
It's like the biggest deal in Ohio. Oh and they hate Michigan. I know that Wendy's America's favorite female artery clogged our today
They got they have a cool Botanical Garden with bushes trimmed to look like georges seurat paintings. Oh, that's cool
Ah, there's an Arnold Schwarzenegger statue and there's a weird corn henge thing and there's a cursed handprint that cannot be scrubbed off
Ohio you so crazy
Oklahoma City or the OKC now I said before that Oklahoma is like the tornado state and Oklahoma City is like the tornado
Capitol people here know how to adapt each house has like a stocked up underground
Cellar that they can hide to kind of like a panic room in case of tornadoes calm
Oklahoma, city is like where cowboy country begins they even have a cowboy museum
All I know is that if I come back here, there's one place. I want to check out. Mr
sprigs BBQ winner of the world's best low-budget public-access commercial ever
Portland, Oregon
it's either very active in like hiking or kayaking forest adventuring or it's like very
Hippie-ish vegan II new-agey. I'm spiritual but not religious type of city. No surprise. It's disputed
Ly the most environmentally friendly city in our country
It has like the highest ratio of bicyclists per capita over 10,000 acres of public parks. I'm gonna go off on a limb
I don't know I could be wrong. I think Portland would probably be like the lesbian capital of the USA
I don't know. I just I I have a weird feeling it
There's probably like a ton of lesbians over there
Philadelphia Pennsylvania or Philly the City of Brotherly Love
What that's literally what it translates to from Greek Philly is one of our largest cities
It usually ranks in the top five and it's like the history city for whatever limited history we have as a country at one point
It actually was our country's capital
It's got a lot of historic sites like the Liberty Bell
Independence Hall where like our Declaration was signed or something half of everything is named after Benjamin Franklin
He's like a big deal out there
It's also where rocky was filmed and they got statue of him. If you come here, you got to get a Philly cheesesteak
Providence Rhode Island, I
Don't know anything about this city. So I'm just gonna have to do research now. Let's see
It's one of the oldest cities in our country. It was built by a dude that got exiled from Pilgrims and Massachusetts
Okay, Oh Brown University. Another Ivy League school is in Providence
Oh, it actually has a noticeable Portuguese and Cape Verdean community. That's yeah. Yeah, did I mention?
I think I mentioned that in the Cape Verde episode didn't I? Otherwise I don't know Providence
You're just like a big mystery to me. What are you like make something of yourselves? That's the thing
I feel like Rhode Island's like to sit this state where we're like, come on do something
We're like poking it with a stick Rhode Island. Come on do something
Charleston, South Carolina
For a Charleston it's kind of like imagine everything you think, you know about southern culture
But then give them access to the ocean with nice amazing beaches. Suddenly you have surfing Dixie's. It's also home to the Dollaz America's
Pan-african community that speaks their own Creole they're famous for their festivals and making grass weaved baskets on they love shrimp
They put shrimp in everything. Oh my gosh, the more research. I do the more intrigued
I am I want to check out this place. I want to go here Sioux Falls South Dakota the Gateway to the plain
Named after the Sioux tribe one of the most prominent tribes in the north
South Dakota is like the beginning of Buffalo Territory American bison
I mean a film that Academy award-winning movie Dances with Wolves here with the Lakota tribe. There's that really famous buffalo hunting scene
They've really revamped and changed up their civil engineering structure. Like now they have this really cool park with a waterfall
They have like a sculpture walk a museum that features Rodin art pieces a butterfly house a trampoline park
Japanese gardens a zoo and it's great. It's like all in the middle of some cornfields of Middle America
It's like the smallest city with like all the concentrated aspects of a large city. See
America is always weird like cool cities in the middle of it, but nobody knows about it yet
And that's my job to let you know Memphis Tennessee. I passed by Memphis one time
I will say that is a cool-looking pyramid
Memphis is nicknamed the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock and roll
It's where famous people like Elvis Johnny Cash Aretha Franklin BB King. They all got their starts here
It's got Graceland a place that's completely devoted to Elvis. And yeah, they're famous for their
Barbecue, I've never had it but I heard it's real good and it like melts in your mouth. Yeah, Kansas City you got some competition
Houston Texas the space city now for Texas
There's two giants Dallas and Houston Dallas is like the shiny flashy luchador that steps into the ring
Whereas Houston is like his trainer slash manager Houston is a place that has like that strong Texan ranch culture
But in this cool like evolved 21st century
You know metropolitan tech business setting for one is home to the NASA Space Station and Mission Control
It's incredibly diverse
Like they have two Chinatown's of course Latin culture is strong down here, too
But it's interesting because a lot of the Mexicans here are like tenth generation
Mexican-americans the city has so many things going on like every February and March
There's like this huge rodeo show a car festival and like one of the most iconic
experiences Tex Mex, Salt Lake City, Utah
Everybody just knows this place as the Mormon
Headquarters of the world the entire cities like Street grid pattern is built so that it could have the temple in the center
However, less than half the population of the city actually is Mormon
What's really cool about this city though is that they have a lot of Pacific Islander minorities?
Samoans and Tongans mostly part of the Mormon Church aside from all that
The city is located on the Great Salt Lake the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere
Only a few shrimp and algae can survive in it
But there's like a lot of birds that migrate there when the water levels drop you can see this thing
It's located in the high arid Rockies
So you have these like amazing beautiful eroded rock formations with amazing ski slopes everywhere, Littleton, Vermont
All I know is that Bernie Sanders was like mayor of this city that that's all I know
So I'm gonna do some research it sits on Lake Chaplin and it's like a 20-minute drive away from Quebec, Canada
They have the world's largest filing cabinet
It's where Ben and Jerry's ice cream started. See they have a giant pumpkin festival. Oh, that's cool
Kind of like Portland where it's like a predominantly white but like super liberal place, you know
They say they're all about like multiculturalism even though like only two black people live there. No, but seriously brilliant I imagine
It's a really nice place to just relax
I'd say go there if you just want to chill
Oh and get maple syrup, Vermont
Maple syrup is like the best in our country, Virginia Beach, Virginia, really not like Richmond or Alexandria or Norfolk?
Oh, it's like right next to Norfolk, but it's not incorporated
So that's why but for whatever that's like what the OSI is to Los Angeles
I've been to Virginia plenty of times, but I've never been here so I'm gonna have to do some research
Here we go. It has the site of the first landing of English settlers that came into our country and built Jamestown
Ah, so that's why this place is so popular. It's like the place where the USA got its first baby steps
Okay, it also has a lot of museums aquariums parasailing boat tours and dolphin watching
I feel like Virginia Beach is probably a place where people with bachelor's degrees
Go to retire and they just want to like take it easy without any risk for the rest of their lives
Seattle Washington Seattle is interesting because you still get that like rough pioneer log cabin vibe
But like in a concrete uber refined upscale coffee shop setting the people here fish and hunt by day
But study hard by night Tech and Aeronautics are huge out here so many companies and startups
Starbucks was started here. Like the very first original Starbucks is like in a very narrow walkway
You have Pikes Place where they throw fish at each other gas works Park is strange
But really cool to check out they have a monorail system. It is a little bit pricey though
So if you come here just kind of watch your budget charlie in West, Virginia
Charleston is like the capital of Appalachia
Like you cannot get more
Appalachian when your entire
City is literally located in the smack dab middle of the Appalachian Mountains like not in a convenient Valley at the base of mountains
literally in the middle
They even had to level an entire hillside just to build their Airport
If you've ever seen the Hunger Games Charleston is probably like district 12 territory
They're known for being one of the cities that started off of coal mining. They got thick mountain forests and thick thick mountain accents
I remember I stopped to get gas here at a gas station and I
Could not understand like half of what the cashier was saying
It's interesting though because they're so geographically isolated that Charleston kind of like developed their own weird Mountain
Subculture fiddles banjos and they put weird stuff in their food like chili and coleslaw hot dogs pepperoni rolls
They loved morel mushrooms and ramps
I don't even know what a ramp is
But they love them when they love deer meat like venison like at gas stations. You can find like deer jerky
I don't I'd say if you want to see American Hill culture come to Charleston Milwaukee, Wisconsin Oh, Milwaukee
Chicago's drunk little brother you love beers so much
You literally named your baseball team after beer brewing you love beer so much
You mixed it with cheese and made a soup to eat after being hungover from drinking beer too much
I mean go figure a ton of Germans moved in in the 1800s and they're like, nope
We're gonna show you how to really make beer and today they have one of America's crowning glory brands Miller
I've said it before everybody in America needs at least one friend from Wisconsin
Like I know I said Chicago is like the comedy capital of the USA
But they do steal a lot of people from Wisconsin and Milwaukee is kind of like the hub of the true comedians
Well, it's also city that like bikers love like they have the harley-davidson museum
I mean, yeah, they have a lot of other cool stuff going on like museums are like kitesurfing on the lake
But let's be honest. You guys are a beer city and you're proud of it. God
I love you guys, and finally we end off with
Diane Wyoming the cowboy City come here
If you want to see like real old school, like stereotypical Western film style cowboy American culture
They have it all like you can literally buy like lassos and like the hats and the boots with the what'd you call it?
The Spurs also, it's like tons of American bison here and they're famous for having the world's largest outdoor rodeo
They call it the daddy of them all and they have like a huge cook-off and carnival
I know I feel like people from Wyoming they really enjoy their space like they don't want to get too close to a lot of
People but when it's time to celebrate, oh my gosh, they all just show up. I've never been to Wyoming
But yeah, I want to go there. I want to go there someday. I want to go there. So that's that
I tried my best to summarize all of the largest cities in each of the states
I may have gotten a few things wrong, especially with Rhode Island, Rhode Island. Just tell me who are you
What are you but yeah, you know, there's so much going on in the u.s. More than just LA and New York
It's like there's so many things in the middle. You gotta check out all the stuff in the middle. So yeah, that's about it
Thank you for watching and stay tuned for new episodes and videos. Hope you have to get one stay cool. Stay tuned


Largest cities in the USA summarized (PART 2) Geography Now!

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