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Detention Trivia
Note:there's no jumpscare or any types of scary things in this video,enjoy.
Trivia #1
"Detention" was released on 2017.January 13
January 13 is the exact same day as the day
when Chiang Ching-kuo,the former president,died
In 1987. July 14
Ching-kuo announced a presidential decree that martial law
was lifted in Taiwan region from July 15 12:00 a.m.
Taiwanese people had kept waiting for the coming of this day for 38 years
This year,2017,is the 30th year after the martial law was lifted
Trivia #2
There are many sprays in this game
and there are some easter eggs hidden in these spray
Like this one, it says "I love Wang guang-hao"
Wang guang-hao is the level designer
and this one says ""Dong dong is buffing the banana"
Dong dong is one of the creators called "jiang dong yu"
and there is a dickbutt painted on this wall
If you didn't know what Dickbutt is,I'll show you right now
As what it means......
you have to google it by yourself
Trivia #3
In the game
this biggest monster is actually the image of the instructor
It is taller than any other monsters in the game
that symbolizes that instructors had higher status when the martial law still existed
Instructors was also known as "The shadow of principal"
Sometimes, they got more power than a principal did
In that period
the principal would tell the students
“be cautious that bandits might be around you” during the morning assembly
On top of that
Instructor White looks like Ma Ying-jeou,the former president.
[Don't get afraid in adversity](Prnounce like"Goofy"in Chinese)
Trivia #4
The promotional video of Detention
was filmed in the former site of Taichung Municipal Dongshih Industrial High School
Since 921 Jiji earthquake,it has been abandoned.
and because it is located in the mountains
there are many rumors
Some people have even decided to come here and commit suicide
Trivia #5
If you have play the first song in the audio cassette
you probably don't know what it is
but as you rewind it
you will notice that it's actually the National Flag Anthem of Taiwan
The second song is the old style National Gymnastic Exercise
but I believe that most of us listen to this version
Who on earth can help me solve this problem I have had already when I was a elementary school student....
WHO in the world is Lucy?
the third one is a section of broadcast in Taiwanese
and they give the correct time in Chungyuan Standard Time
it was called Chungyuan Standard Time when the Taiwanese nationalist government was still in China
Nowadays,only few of radio stations would give the correct time in that way
and the last,
I believe that if you are Taiwanese,you should be very familiar with the last song
,it is The Torment of a Flower
The Torment of a Flower was banned during the time when martial law still existed in Taiwan
Do we actually forget about this or get too afraid to recall what happened
which is more terrifying? is the game itself or what people think in their mind?
I will see you next week in our next Detention Trivia....
Hey..don't you think this ending theme is a little bit unsuitable?
.....ah never mind….
英文翻譯:檸檬 レモンん
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