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Hi everyone my name is Bridget and welcome to today's lesson.
The topic for this lesson is: Top 15 Must Know Phrases to Go Shopping.
How much is it? How much is it?
When you ask how much something is, you are asking for the price.
So if you are in America and you say "How much is it?", someone will say "It is $10.", "It is a thousand dollars.", "It is a million dollars."
So you are going to use this phrase a lot when you go shopping.
Especially at flea markets when the prices aren't always listed on the object or item themselves.
Do you have this in another color? Do you have this in another color?
A lot of times when you go clothing shopping for example.
You will try something on and you'll like how you look but you kind of want the shirt to be not green but maybe red.
Red would look better.
So you ask the person who's working there, "Excuse me, do you have this in another color?"
Do you have this in another color?
It's a way of asking literally if the item of the clothing that you are trying on or anything that you want to buy.
You're asking if there are other variations of it.
If there are other colors of that item.
Do you have this in a medium? Do you have this in a medium?
Instead of medium, you can put in whatever your size is.
So when you're shopping you might find a dress that you really like.
You might find a jacket or a coat you really like.
And you're not really seeing your size. You're looking through all of them and your size isn't here.
So you ask someone who's working "Excuse me, do you have this in a medium ?"
"Excuse me, do you have this in an extra-small?"
I use this all the time when I'm shopping so I'm sure you will too.
It's a way of asking if they have your size.
I want two of these. I want two of these.
If you tell someone "I want two of these.", it's literally saying I want two of whatever it is you want to buy.
That's all I can say about that...
May I see it? May I see it?
If you ask "May I see it?", it's usually asking to see something that is behind glass.
So for example if you are looking to buy jewelry, you go to a jewelry store and you see a beautiful ring.
And it's behind glass so you ask the person working there "May I see this ring?", "May I see it?"
And the person will pull it out and give it to you for you to try on in front of them.
So they know you're not going to steal it.
Can I try it on? Can I try it on?
If you're ever shopping; if you're looking for a new sweater or a new pair of jeans.
You're going to want to try it on to make sure that it fits you, that it looks good, that it's your size.
So if you find an article of clothing you would go up to someone who works there.
And you would ask "Can I try this on?" "Excuse me, can I try this on?".
This is a very very common thing that you hear in clothing stores.
People always want to try on the clothing that they want to buy just to make sure that it fits and it makes them look good.
I like that one. I like that one. I like that one.
If you say I like that one, it means you're expressing which of your options you prefer.
It's probably going to be the one thing you buy.
I don't like this color. I don't like this color.
If you're buying a new set of plates and you're shopping and you you like the style of these plates but you don't like color.
You would say "I don't like this color, do you have this in a different color?"
I just taught you that. Do you remember?
"I don't like this color." It means that you like the style maybe but you don't like the color that it's painted or dyed or whatever.
I love this color. I love this color.
Maybe you have a color of shirt that you look so good in.
So anytime you see it you go "Oh! I love this color."
If you ever say "I love this color." it's probably something that either looks really good on you or just looks really good to you.
It's a color that you just love to look at.
Do you take returns? Do you take returns?
When you ask someone who works in the store "Do you take returns?", it means that you bought something from the store.
You brought it home and you decided you don't really like it.
Maybe when you were at the store, you didn't have time to try it on.
So when you got home you put it on in front of the mirror and you realize this does not look good on me, or maybe it doesn't fit.
So when you come back you'd say "Do you take returns? I want to return this pair of these jeans that I bought."
I want to return this hat. Do you take returns?
Every store you go to will have a different return policy.
So it's always smart to ask what sort of return policy that store has just in case you end up not liking the item that you buy.
Do you take credit cards?
Do you accept credit cards? Can I pay with a credit card?
These are all ways to ask if you can use your credit card to pay for whatever purchase you are making.
Sometimes stores or restaurants only accept cash.
And it's always smart to know ahead of time before you do all your shopping and realize you don't have any cash, and you only have a credit card.
So you can say "Do you take credit card?"
"Do you accept credit cards?", "Can I pay with my credit card?"
Can I get a receipt, please? Can I get a receipt, please?
Can I get my receipt, please? So I know you didn't scam me.
A receipt is a proof of purchase.
It's it's something that you use to keep track of the money you've spent; to keep track of everything you've bought.
It's a little slip of paper that shows the item and how much you paid.
This is something that helps both you and the company.
The company will have a record of having sold this thing to you and you will have this as a record of how much you paid.
And if you save the receipt you can use that to do returns.
Can I use this coupon? Can I use this coupon?
A coupon is a discount that a company offers to use at their store.
A coupon is something that you have to show to the cashier when you make your purchase.
So if you find a nice coat that you love, you would go and pay for it and present your coupon.
If you have a coupon it means that you are getting a discount that you will have to pay less money for the item.
Coupons are great to have and companies that give out coupons are awesome.
It helps you save money.
Could you gift wrap it please? Could you gift wrap it please?
To gift wrap something means to put wrapping paper and make it look like a present.
So around the holidays when people are buying presents for one another.
A lot of times you will hear people saying "Could you gift wrap it please?", which is telling the other person look this is going to be a gift.
Can you make it look nice? Can you make it look like a present?
And sometimes I don't mean gift wrapping paper or putting a nice bow on top.
To gift wrap something means to present it to look like a gift.
Are there any sales going on? Are there any sales going on?
This is a very hopeful question to ask in a store.
You're asking if there are any sales at this time.
A sale is a period of time with discounted price.
It means you are going to pay less which means saving money.
There are seasonal sales, there are sales for particular holidays, or just random sales to get rid of old stock.
So you never know. You should always ask are there any sales going on because it might save you money.
And that brings us to the end of today's lesson: Top 15 Must Know Phrases to Go Shopping.
If you guys like the video please give us a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel.
If you have any questions or comments leave them below.
And don't forget to go to English class 101.com to learn more English.



買い物に行くために知っておくべきフレーズ15選 (Top 15 Must-Know Phrases to Go Shopping in English)

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