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  • Hi! I'm Tom VandenBerg. Welcome to another edition of Glacier Bay's

  • Ranger Minutes.

  • Probably more that any other national park Glacier Bay is a place where one

  • can get a feel for how dynamic and exciting our world truly is.

  • A place where geologic events can happen within a human life span.

  • For two hundred and fifty years glacier bay and its visitors have been witness to

  • the dynamic retreat of its glaciers.

  • Indeed it's the site of one of the fastest glacier retreats

  • ever documented.

  • Luckily for us, early explorers and scientists documented the condition and

  • location of these glaciers using the art of photography.

  • Later these historic photographs were used as reference points by todays glaciologists

  • as they continue to document the rapid retreat of glacier ice.

  • They're hoping to get a further understanding of the complex nature of

  • these tidewater glaciers.

  • Through the study of glacial landscape features, remains of ancient forests that

  • grew between the periods of ice advance, and even native Tlingit oral

  • histories,

  • the complex an exciting story of the ebb and flow of Glacier Bay's tidewater glaciers

  • is beginning to reveal itself.

  • Even as today's changing climate is quickly diminishing glaciers worldwide,

  • Glacier Bay remains a place of hope

  • where a handful of healthy glaciers still exist,

  • a place where one can still experience the power and beauty of glaciers.

  • Today, I invite you to take a closer look at the nature of glacier bay's glaciers

  • through the lens of history as we go back to a time when this landscape was

  • still covered

  • entirely by ice.

Hi! I'm Tom VandenBerg. Welcome to another edition of Glacier Bay's


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グレイシャーベイのダイナミックな氷河 (Glacier Bay's Dynamic Glaciers)

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