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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 145. The proverb today is a closed mouth catches

  • no flies. Okay. This is kind of interesting because this the first time I've

  • ever come across this where , I found a proverb that seems to have two different

  • meanings. And the meanings are very different between both of them. All right.

  • Let's look at the first one. The first meaning might be the more common one. It

  • says the first meaning of this proverb is that it is better to keep silent than

  • to say something that might get you in trouble. So , so basically keep your

  • mouth shut or keep quiet or you might say the wrong thing and you might get

  • into trouble. Yeah. This one, it's hard to pinpoint and find an exact citing of

  • when the first time this is mentioned. We do find out later that ... maybe I'll

  • cover this part now. The proverb is also a quote from Cervantes in "Don Quixote. So

  • it did come out in "Don Quixote" so it's at least that old, but this one is a

  • little harder to find you know the story behind it. But you could probably put it

  • together. A closed mouth. Meaning if you keep your mouth closed mmm you know and

  • the Flies probably represent trouble. The trouble can't get in. So you think about it

  • that way or maybe possibly. I don't know if you're speaking you know, what a fly

  • is attracted to they're attracted to garbage and they are attracted to poo poo.

  • So maybe if you're speaking you know you had that come out of your mouth oh the

  • fly might get in and well that might cause you a problem. Okay. Let's look at

  • the second one though. However oddly, there is a second use and meaning for

  • this, this same proverb. The second meaning is to be alert and grab any good

  • opportunities one encounters in life. Okay I kind of like the story behind

  • this one better. This one I think tends to be more European. I found that it's

  • like an Italian proverb and a French proverb and a Spanish

  • proverb. I think the other one comes a little bit more out of England. But

  • really they both have worked their way into English. So you might find uses of both

  • of these. Here's the story behind the second one. This alludes to the idea of a

  • frog that must keep its mouth partly open, so it could quickly roll out a

  • tongue ( sounds of a tongue rolling out ) You see that. You see him catch fly sometimes. To catch flies

  • go by. If its mouth were closed it would miss the opportunity. So, so, so again you

  • got two meanings. One is to telling you to keep quiet because you might get

  • yourself in trouble by saying the wrong thing. The other one is probably

  • encouraging you to keep your mouth open like a frog and be ready and be alert

  • and grab the opportunity when it goes by. Okay. Good. So like I said ... we know

  • definitely that it was been around since at least Don Quixote because it is of course

  • it was in Spanish when it was originally written by Don Quixote. But it's

  • definitely if you look up Don Quixote's quotes. It's there He did say this.

  • Although it's possible it could predate him. I'm not sure if he's the one that

  • coined it or not. But anyway I give a few examples of the way we might hear it

  • both ways. All right . The first two, I think I'm more like

  • the one about keeping quiet. So let's look at a number one here. My lawyer

  • advised me not to say anything without his confirmation first. Like don't say

  • anything unless I tell you it's okay to say it.And then he said a closed mouth

  • catches no flies. So be careful this way you know, if you say something

  • it may come back to hurt you or may come back to haunt you. So this one covers the

  • first one perfectly. Let's look at number two here. If the police ask any questions

  • remember a closed mouth catches no flies. Yes. Yeah, so if the police ask any

  • questions basically don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut.

  • because you might say the wrong thing and

  • maybe you'll get yourself into trouble. So a closed mouth catches no flies. All

  • right and of course the third one here. My financial advisor told me now is the

  • time to buy. He said don't wait , remember a closed

  • mouth catches no flies. Now of course this is the second one. You know, be alert.

  • Watch out. Grab any opportunity grab a good opportunity when you see it.

  • Don't hesitate you know. So the the last example here is more for the second one

  • I gave you. Like the Frog that's waiting for a good opportunity to catch a real

  • fly. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was informative. I hope you enjoyed it.

  • Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 145. The proverb today is a closed mouth catches


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