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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 111. The noun phrase today is

  • highway robbery. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If someone says that

  • something is highway robbery, it means that the price is excessively high .Like

  • way too high. As though one was being robbed. Almost ... you almost feel like you're being

  • robbed. That's how high the prices are. All right. Let's continue here. The origin

  • of the phrase highway robbery goes back to former times, especially during the 16

  • and 1700s. It might have been a bit before that too. I mean you could

  • probably think you're going all the way back to like Robin Hood's time. Where you

  • know they robbed stagecoaches. When many highwaymen often robbed stage coaches,

  • especially the rich. When they were traveling somewhere. They'd hide. They

  • come out. They would rob them all. So this is what we mean by highway robbery. So

  • this is where the phrase comes from. All right. Good and we have three

  • examples here. So let's take a look at the examples. I am NOT going to pay that

  • price. That is highway robbery. Meaning no way. That's way too expensive.

  • Or here number two. The prices that these scalpers are demanding for those tickets

  • are highway robbery. Yeah. Maybe somebody very, very popular you know, the scalpers

  • go out there and they buy them beforetime. They try to resell them and get a ... make a

  • profit. You know, get a nice profit margin. So that's what we would say. So and a lot

  • of people really don't like scalpers very much. So they might even consider

  • them more like what they're doing that's just highway robbery. That's too much. Now

  • maybe it's who knows ? How many more times ? Five times, ten times the original price.

  • All right and number three here. The prices for houses in that neighborhood are

  • highway robbery. Okay good. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it was

  • clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 111. The noun phrase today is


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英語家庭教師ニックP 名詞句 (111) ハイウェイ強盗 (English Tutor Nick P Noun Phrase (111) Highway Robbery)

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