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What's up, it's Chris Heria.
Today I'm gonna be showing you a five-minute, quick and highly-effective ab routine that you can do anywhere, everyday.
Now this routine is only five minutes, so we're gonna have no rest.
We're gonna go through five minutes straight, so there's no excuses.
Everybody has at least five minutes in their day to dedicate towards themselves and their own health and longevity.
Now you can do this workout routine as soon as you wake up in the morning, right before you go to sleep, on your lunch break when you're hanging out, whenever.
As long as you got five minutes, we're good to go.
And by eliminating the rest time, and going through the whole routine five minutes straight, we're guaranteeing to bring up our heart rate, burning more fat and calories.
So if you're just getting started, go to the pace best of your ability, but try not to stop.
If you need to take a break, go a head and breath, but then keep going.
You don't have to be going as fast and as hard as possible, but just keep going.
You wanna constantly be challenging yourself and this is how you make progress.
Remember, train the same, remain the same.
And once you can take on one full round successfully, you can then scale it up.
Do two rounds, three rounds, four rounds, and five rounds eventually.
Burning fat and sculpting your abdominals into those six-pack abs we're all trying to get.
The exercises are gonna have you burning fat as well as building muscle.
So now there's not gonna be much talking.
We're gonna get right into the workout.
I need you to focus for five straight minutes.
We're gonna do this routine together.
And if you successfully make it to the end, play it over, and let's see if you can do it for round two.
So the first move is high knee taps for one minute.
Let's get started.
Make sure you're breathing.
Knees all the way up as high as you can.
Try to have those scapulas pulled back.
Keep that form.
Here we go guys.
Three, two, one. All right.
Here we go, mountain climbers.
45 seconds, switching sides.
Bring those knees up.
Make sure to keep that breathing.
Almost done, here we go guys, keep it going.
Three, two, one.
Turnover and we're going to bicycles.
Completely extend that leg, guys.
Give perfect form.
Don't sacrifice that form for how fast you're going.
Three, two, one, all right.
Moving to V-ups.
All the way out, come up, touch your toes.
All right, here we go. Moving on.
All right, s to elbow.plank knee
45 seconds.
Get that full range of motion.
Bring your legs all the way up.
Knees to elbows.
Squeeze, remember regulate that breathing.
We're halfway there.
All right, next move.
Roll over, we're gonna go for toe touches.
I know it's tough, but try to keep those legs as straight as you can.
As straight as you can.
The straighter your legs, the more effective this is gonna be.
All right.
Last one we're gonna burn out.
Low plank to high plank.
Let's kill it.
All right, we're gonna switch the direction.
Other hand up.
Keep that core tight, don't let that butt drop.
Almost done, here we go.
(As) hard as you can.
Three, two, and one.
All right, whew!
There we go.
We did it.
That's five minutes of highly effective six-pack ab workout routine.
So if you were able to successfully get through that, it's time to rewind this video and try it again.
And for everybody that has the Heria Pro app, go a head (and) check it out. I've posted this workout.
You can go ahead and download the workout from your app, and we can get started together.
And with the app in your pocket, you can do this routine anywhere and everywhere.
Now personally, I think you should do this routine at least three to five rounds for it to qualify as a full workout routine.
But this is why you wanna do it everyday.
Normally if you're not already at this level, then doing this routine for three to five rounds can be really tough.
And even if you are at this fitness level, sometimes if you don't actively train like this, within a couple of weeks, you can lose that intensity and motivation.
So doing just one round every single day.
It doesn't take much time.
It's something that you can easily commit too, and it's gonna start progressing you towards your goals.
Eventually this is gonna get a whole lot easier.
You're gonna be able to do two rounds.
You're gonna be able to do three rounds, four.
And you're gonna develop that habit and work ethic to train like this on a daily, weekly basis.
Anywhere and everywhere.
So with that said, thank you guys so much for watching.
Definitely incorporate this routine into your lifestyle.
If these are the goals that you're trying to acquire.
Go a head and download the Heria Pro app on the app store.
And become a member on HeriaPro.com if you're not already for workout routines just like this.
It's gonna get you in the best shape of your life.
For those of you that are members and are taking the 25 day Weight vest Challenge, it's time to start submitting those body transformations.
Submit them to transformations at HeriaPro.com for your chance to win a free weight vest and a trip all the way to Miami to workout with me and the guys from Thenx.
So comment down below, let me know what you want the next video to be about.
And if you comment within the first 30 minutes of any upload, you always have a chance to win some Heria apparel.
So subscribe if you haven't already.
We post every Thursday, 2 p.m. USA Eastern Time.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
For those of you going to the LA Fit Expo, we will see you there January 2019.
Don't forget to check out my brand new single that just dropped. It's called Patient.
You can stream it or buy it on all platforms.
See you next Thursday, mad love, peace out.
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今日からできる!1 日 5 分間の腹筋トレーニング(5 MIN AB WORKOUT You Can Do Every Day (NO REST))

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