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- Right now, we're hearing the sun just start
to activate the UV sensors on the outdoor sensor unit.
It started about 10 minutes ago.
That puttering sound is the sound of that sensor
just starting to get enough light to sonically activate it,
and the puttering will eventually turn into a note,
and that note will semitone by semitone,
increase in pitch until it becomes inaudible,
and then it'll be inaudible all day long,
until the UV drops to a point when you can hear it.
Again, usually at sunset, but if it's a cloudy
or rainy day, it'll activate all day long.
We've just completed helicopter mode.
First it sounds like drums, then it sounds like
a helicopter, now it sounds like a monster.
Soon it will be music.
(pulsating sounds)
This is the mixers.
And this is just the global delay on that whole thing
to give it, to give the sound some depth.
Nothing really is happening.
It's not windy or raining, or anything very exciting,
weather-wise, but this music is something
that is to be almost breathed like air,
or bathed in like water.
But now you can hear the sun tone is now in key
with this chord.
Hear it.
It's on E, and it'll fall out of phase.
I'll turn the delay off.
This is the cool shit.
(music notes rising)


Quintron: The Sunrise Sessions

47 タグ追加 保存
許大善 2019 年 8 月 13 日 に公開
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