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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 252. All right. Today we have another

  • quote from a movie which we haven't done in a while. The movie is " V for Vendetta. "

  • All right. And we're actually going cover three quotes that are all kind of

  • connected to help you understand what the meaning is. All right. The first one here that I've

  • heard you know, even when I've seen this movie several times I heard in the movie,

  • "You cannot kill an idea. " All right. So that's , that's the first one.

  • All right. Let's take a look at the second quote here. Also by V the character V.

  • "Beneath the mask there is more than flesh. Beneath the mask there is an idea

  • MR. Creedy. " Creedy, he was like the villain of the movie. " and ideas are

  • bulletproof. " meaning they can never be defeated.

  • Okay. And the third one. You know, by the main girl character in the movie a

  • female in the Movie. " We are told to remember the idea. Not the man because a

  • man can fail. He can be caught. He can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later

  • an idea can still change the world. " All right. This 400 years is also important

  • too, because I didn't realize when I seen the movie .. I did see the movie and then

  • later on I found about I found out about Guy Fawkes' real life and I'm saying well

  • this doesn't really match. But I didn't realize that the movie took place 400

  • years later. So that's what that character was actually you know,

  • fashioning himself after the original Guy Fawkes. So that's why they say 400

  • years later because the movie was supposed to take place in 2032. The real

  • Guy Fawkes lived in the early 1600s. All right. Let's continue here. Let's look

  • at the note. The movie " V for Vendetta "is actually based on a DC Vertigo limited

  • comic book series. I didn't realize that. The movie is supposed to take place in

  • 2032. So it's supposed to be in the future. In the future you know, basically

  • in the UK ruled by a dystopian fascist police state. So a state that suppresses

  • its people. One that will lie to its people , not tell at the truth and you

  • know holds them down and you know and if they try to stand up against it ,

  • they, they are quickly knocked down again. So it was that sort of a police state. So of

  • course the character, the Guy Fawkes or V character was standing up against

  • that. The main character is based on the real character Guy Fawkes who planned the

  • Gunpowder Plot of 1605. So this is why it's 400 years before. That was meant to

  • kill King, King James the first. Yeah, and return England to being Catholic. Guy

  • Fawkes, a Catholic believed Christians were being tortured and suppressed by

  • Protestants. Okay. So he wanted to get rid of him and he believed that , that, that

  • this King shouldn't have been the real King anyway. Then another one would

  • have been you know , and he could have become the Catholic King. Okay. So in real

  • life, he got caught red-handed and executed. Unfortunately, at first

  • considered a villain but later people began to respect him and they kind of

  • ended up honoring the day. (November the fifth. ) So first the day used to celebrate that

  • they were happy that King James the first lived. And then later on, it all

  • changed around and they kind of celebrated for Guy Fawkes. Okay. His mask

  • has become a symbol for all protesters now , especially after the movie to

  • express displeasure from governments and organizations etc. that, that suppress

  • liberties. That hold our liberties or treat people unfairly in some way. So a

  • lot of times when you see protests around the world,

  • not everybody's wearing a mask but sometimes in the

  • there will be a number of people, especially if they don't really want to

  • show their real face, as they're protesting or marching they may wear a

  • Guy Fawkes mask right from the movie. Okay. Let's continue. The quotes basically

  • tell the idea that the idea and movement are more important and bigger than any

  • one man. That's why at the end of the movie he mails out a lot of masks to all

  • the people just like when he was you know when he was fighting I guess he

  • knew that he could die and he'd be sacrificed to the blowing up that. The

  • idea is for the people to take over after him. You know, it's, it's the idea

  • that you know somebody else picks up the baton and carries on. So he sent out the

  • mask to all the people that was a symbol that they were the ones that were

  • supposed to carry on after him. So that's what that's what that means. So important

  • and bigger than any one man. If enough people can wake up and become aware.

  • Aware that their being that their liberties are being taken away. That

  • they're being suppressed. That they're being held down. You know, in a very

  • unfair or cruel way. Yes it can, and hits critical mass. Critical mass means it hits

  • a certain amount of the population. You can't stop it anymore. You can't stop the

  • idea. That's kind of like what it was in the movie. And he, he had made such an

  • impression on the people that you know the idea was it hit such critical mass

  • that probably they would take over after him. At least hopefully. Okay. So and so

  • this when we think that something has critical mass. We think there's no

  • turning back. It's only a matter of time before the movement or the idea will

  • prevail. The idea cannot be suppressed and will eventually prevail. It will

  • eventually win out in the end. So that's what that's what these quotes are. You,

  • even though you may kill the man. You may get rid of him. So that's a lot of times

  • when governments have protests they always to try to look for the leader if

  • we can get rid of the leader maybe you know maybe we can knock out this

  • movement and press it and hold it down. But if it gets

  • big enough. If it hits critical mass , you know it goes beyond the one person and

  • can no longer be stopped. That's what the movie and that's what all the quotes

  • were basically trying to tell you. Anyway I hope, I hope you got it . I hope you

  • enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye- bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 252. All right. Today we have another


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