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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P this is Quotes 241. Today we have another one by

  • Shakespeare. We haven't done one by him in a while. But I have done several by

  • him before in the past. So if you like this one go back and check out those.

  • Okay. Anyway, let's take a look at the quote. "Have more than thou showest, speak

  • less then thou knowest, lend less than thou owest. Okay. So again you know,

  • remember, this is a little bit of middle English here. So have more than

  • that showest than you show. Than you show to other people. Speak less than

  • thou knowest. Don't let everybody know everything that you know or don't let

  • everybody know you know about you or your personal life . Lend less than thou

  • owest. Okay. So lend either maybe literally lend out money or maybe invest money you

  • know have it going out or spending more than actually you , you have. Yes.

  • So lend less than thou owest. Okay. So let's , uh let's take a look the note here.

  • This quote is life advice. The first part of this quote is basically telling

  • someone not to have a big mouth about one's finances or possessions. Yeah. So

  • have more than thou showest. Don't let people know that you have so much. Even

  • if you think you can trust a particular person. You never know if your

  • relationship may change. You know , maybe you're good friends now. Maybe you'll

  • like them. But maybe in the future. Maybe something

  • could happen and you know, hopefully they will never use this against you. Also

  • there is a chance you may have and if you do have a lot. It can spark jealousy

  • from others too. It;s another thing. So be careful. It's better to keep a low profile.

  • It's better not say too much, especially about your financial situation. Okay number two

  • here. You know, the second part . Remember the second part, speak less than thou

  • knowest. So the second part of the quote relates

  • to not revealing too much. You know , about about you about your personal life.

  • Whether it is in regard to one's personal life. Just like we said, business

  • or expertise. Yeah. Even your expertise sometimes if you're very smart at

  • something , you know with others though. Maybe somebody might feel like you're

  • showing off or you try to be too much of an expert. Yes. So anyway let's continue.

  • etc with your personal life it may be better not to reveal any

  • weaknesses or flaws. Yeah. Sometimes, even speaking too much. Maybe let out too much.

  • You let people know that you do have weaknesses.You may make people realize

  • that you do have flaws. And you know, this you never know what they may think about

  • you or that you never know that they may keep that ... you know, information stored or

  • maybe they may tell it to other people. Any previous bad behavior. Yeah. Maybe not

  • a good idea to always mention about that or even ones strategies. Yes. Maybe you

  • never know what others may repeat about you. And it may fall on ears that you

  • prefer they don't know. So people may hear it that you know maybe you compete

  • with or that is your competition. Or maybe even your enemies. It may come it

  • may come back to haunt you. So again be careful. With business you may also let

  • your competitor know your weaknesses . Or anticipate your strategies. Even if he

  • knows the type of strategies you use, this gives him an advantage. Good and the last

  • part of the quote is warning you to stay out of financial trouble. Remember the

  • last part is lend less than thou owest. I remember a long time ago, I did a video

  • about you know, neither a borrower nor a lender be. So Shakespeare in general was

  • you know, maybe not really keen on the idea about lending out money.

  • He got burned before. He lent out money that he didn't get back. Or in this case

  • you know, again be careful with your finances. Avoid debt you know, he might

  • mean also investing or getting money out at this time or avoid in investing or

  • you know ... avoid going over your head . Just in case you do invest in something and

  • and it flops. You know don't borrow money to invest in something. I've seen

  • people do this before. They think it's such a sure thing. They'll borrow money

  • to invest and then if it fails. If your investment fails then you could really

  • be burned big time. So or giving out more than you can afford. So that's what they

  • mean. Lend less than thou owest and then just willing to put out. Okay. Anyway, I

  • hope you got it. I hope it's clear. I hope it was food for thought. Thank you for

  • your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P this is Quotes 241. Today we have another one by


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