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  • Feifei: Hello, this The English We Speak. I'm Feifei

  • Rob: …and hello, I'm Rob.

  • Feifei: You're looking a bit angry, Rob.

  • Rob: Yes, I am. I'm really angry. I've just

  • heard some bad news.

  • Feifei: Oh no. What's happened?

  • Rob: It's the cafe I go to. They've decided

  • to become a vegan cafeno more meat.

  • Where am I going to buy my bacon

  • sandwich from now?!

  • Feifei: There could be worse things to get

  • angry about.

  • Rob: Really? I don't think so. I'm going to

  • fight tooth and nail to get them to change

  • their mind.

  • Feifei: Ooo, that sounds painful

  • protesting with your teeth and nails.

  • Rob: Of course not, Feifei. When you fight

  • tooth and nail for something, you use a lot

  • of effort and determination to get

  • something you want.

  • You can also do it to stop something

  • happening too.

  • Feifei: But it's an odd phrase, Rob?

  • Rob: Yes, it's a very old English phrase,

  • and basically means to use everything

  • you have available to get the outcome you

  • want.

  • Feifei: Even your teeth and nails?! Well,

  • let's hear some examples of people

  • fighting tooth and nail

  • We're going to fight tooth and nail to stop

  • them building a new motorway going right

  • past our house.

  • After fighting tooth and nail, I finally

  • managed to get the pay rise I felt I

  • deserved.

  • My football team needs to fight tooth and

  • nail to stay in the top division. They have

  • to win today's match!

  • Feifei: You're listening to The English We Speak

  • from BBC Learning English, and we're

  • talking about the phrase 'to fight tooth

  • and nail', which means to you use all your

  • efforts and determination to get something

  • you want or to stop something from

  • happening. And Rob, that's what you're

  • going to do to stop your favourite cafe

  • from serving vegan food.

  • Rob: Not exactlythey can sell vegan

  • food, but I want them to carry on selling

  • bacon sandwiches – I love them. That's

  • what I'm fighting tooth and nail for.

  • Feifei: Yes I know. Well it can't be a vegan

  • cafe if it sells bacon.

  • Rob: Right, well I'm going to organise a

  • petition to get bacon backdo you want

  • to sign it?

  • Feifei: No I don't – but Rob, have you seen

  • this leaflet I was given? It says '50 percent

  • off all vegan food this week'. And guess

  • what? It's at your favourite cafe.

  • Rob: 50 percent discount you say

  • hmmm, maybe I should try some vegan food.

  • Feifei: Yes, try a beetroot hummus

  • sandwichfar healthier and less

  • fattening Rob.

  • Rob: Thanks! I will. Bye.

  • Feifei: Goodbye.

Feifei: Hello, this The English We Speak. I'm Feifei


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to fight tooth and nail」の意味は? (What does 'to fight tooth and nail' mean?)

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