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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • Why do blood types matter?

  • Because burger types matter.

  • No.

  • Usually, our blood is classified into 8 types, namely.

  • A positive, A negative, B positive, B negative.

  • AB positive, AB negative, O positive and O negative.

  • This classification is based on the.

  • Presence, absence or combination of specific antigens on our red blood cells.

  • If we have A antigen, then our blood type is A.

  • If we have B antigen, then our blood type is B.

  • If we have both antigens, then our blood type is AB.

  • And lastly, if we neither have A nor B, then our blood type is O.

  • The positive and negative factor is determined by the RhD antigen.

  • If we have RhD antigen, then we are Rh-positive, otherwise we are Rh-negative.

  • But what is the use of these blood types?

  • Our immune system produces antibodies against the antigens we don't have.

  • So, during transfusion, if wrong blood is injected.

  • Our antibodies will recognize the unknown antigen.

  • As an invader and start attacking it.

  • This can cause transfused blood to clot which can be potentially fatal.

  • What is blood pressure?

  • It's a form of acupressure.

  • No.

  • In order to deliver oxygen and nutrients.

  • To each and every cell of our body.

  • Our heart pushes blood through tubes called blood vessels.

  • As the blood moves, it exerts force on the vessels' walls.

  • The measurement of this force of blood on the walls is called blood pressure.

  • The ideal blood pressure reading is.

  • About 120 over 80 millimeters of mercury or slightly below it.

  • But why does the reading have 2 numbers?

  • It is because our heart is constantly contracting and relaxing.

  • During a phase called systole.

  • Our heart contracts to push the blood through arteries.

  • Thus increasing the pressure.

  • So, the bigger number indicates the systolic blood pressure.

  • Whereas during diastole, our heart relaxes, decreasing the pressure.

  • So, the smaller number indicates the diastolic blood pressure.

  • Blood Rain.

  • Relax.

  • Blood rain has red colored water droplets.

  • There are various reasons behind this.

  • Around Sahara Desert.

  • Brownish dust and sand carried by storms mix with water droplets in clouds.

  • Giving rain its brownish red color.

  • In Kerala, red spores of algae called Trentepohlia Annulata.

  • Got carried by wind and mixed with water droplets, causing blood rain.

  • While, in Zamora, Haematococcus Pluvialis algae got caught in rainclouds.

  • Got stressed and produced a red pigment called astaxanthin.

  • Causing blood rain.

  • Why is blood red in color?

  • Because everyday it bathes using red paint.

  • No.

  • Our blood mainly consists of.

  • A liquid called plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

  • However, the color of our blood is basically because of red blood cells.

  • Each of the red blood cells contains hemoglobin.

  • Hemoglobin is an iron rich protein.

  • When hemoglobin binds with oxygen.

  • The interaction between them gives our blood its red color.

  • Moreover, like human beings, not all animals have red color blood.

  • This is because the blood of some animals.

  • Such as octopuses, spiders, etc. has hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin.

  • Hemocyanin is a copper containing protein.

  • When hemocyanin binds with oxygen, their interaction gives the blood a blue color.

  • The blood of some lizards has biliverdin instead of hemoglobin.

  • Which give their blood a green color.

It's AumSum Time.


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