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So i want to talk to you a little bit about Happiness,
our Happiness fragrance is one of our best selling fragrances
and it's a funny thing because
Happiness kind of means different things to different people
but one thing I think we all agree on is that Happiness
is an inside job its about the state of mind
and its something that essential oils can really help you with so in this fragrance we have chosen
seven of the the most potent essential oils that
can really help boost your mood, to really help lift you up and
balance you as-well at the same time, it's a beautiful fragrance thats got some
mimosa some white neroli, some lemon in so its kind of a
sparkling fresh fragrance and
really helps to to make me smile, it make me smile.
I have in many different rooms in my home.
because i want it in the kitchen and i want it in the
living room, it works in many different places
and it's fantastic to give as a gift because who doesn't want to give the gift of Happiness
who doesn't want to receive the gift of Happiness.
So I would love you to come online and it would be great for you to tell us about
how it lifts your mood, who you've given it to, if they liked it
we'd love to hear from you.


Scent to Make You Happy Range | Neom Organics London

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