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- I have three daughters.
Sydnee is six years old, Lalah will be five years old,
and Charlie is seven months old.
Oh my gosh, I was, I became a dad at the ripe age of 19.
My college sweetheart, who is now my wife,
we don't have a lot of outside help,
so we heavily depend on each other.
I work at night, she works during the day.
My wife has to get up earlier for work
'cause her commute is longer.
I get the girls ready and take 'em to school,
take care of whatever needs to be taken care at home.
I'm picking up shifts, so I leave for work about 2:30,
three o'clock, get home about midnight, wake up
and do the same thing.
- It's a puzzle.
It is a puzzle, it's an unsolvable puzzle .
My girls like to dance a lot,
and so if I get up and do any type of dance with them,
which I always do, that makes 'em laugh a lot,
and you get accustomed to being able to function
off of a short amount of sleep.
A full eight?
It's been a while.
Break time?
You don't get a break.
I try to look at everything that they do
as a opening to teach them a lesson,
everything that they say,
and I always question myself immediately, right?
Was I too hard?
Because I'm the only man, I don't want them
to ever have an idea that I can't talk to dad
because dad is like, you know, dad.
Dad is scary.
- Kind of a fear every day .
I mean, you know, think about it.
What I mean by that is I think about it daily.
- I like having time with you every time,
and I love the fun things that we do together.
- I love the fun things that we too do.
Ah, man, ya'll messing me up here.
I love you too, baby.
I love the fun things we do, too.
- I love you, daddy, because we just have fun,
we just go in the park together.
We just play on bagels, and I love you.
- I love you girls, thank you for coming.
You surprised me a little.
- When we get home, we all, my daddy turns on the music
and we all dance, and then we start having a dance party,
and it's super fun.


How This 19-Year-Old Took on Fatherhood is Inspiring | Rad Dads

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