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Everybody, welcome to HBO's Screening Room.
I am, of course, Dwayne Johnson, also affectionately known....don't look at me like that.
Known around the world as the world's sexiest man.
This is my co-star, the one, the only, Jason Statham.
We are gonna watch a scene from our new movie: Hobbs & Shaw.
Where's the remote? Just press play. Press play.
We're gonna talk about the scene.
No fucking way.
Nah, I'm not working with this guy. I've been there, done that.
Hey, the minute he gets involved, you can kiss goodbye to any finesse because She-Hulk here only knows how to smash.
Yeah, and Mr. Arson here only knows how to blow shit up.
-The fact is... -And the fact is...。
-No offense. -Oh, no offense.
This guy's a real asshole!
I'll have this job done while you're still putting on your baby oil.
Good luck, slick.
That's it. You just reminded me.
That's exactly why I hate working with you.
It's your voice.
It's your nasally, prepubescent, Harry Potter voice.
Every time you speak, just imagine this for a second.
It's like dragging my balls across shattered glass.
And it hurts.
Well for me, it's not your voice; It's your face.
Your big, stupid face.
Looking at it makes me feel like God has projectile vomited right in my eyes.
And it burns.
Oh, my God, such good memories.
This was such a pivotal scene for the audience.
You had to establish these characters.
And if we nail this scene, then this is the scene that the audience says, "I'm on the ride."
We get put in the most awkward and the most difficult of situations.
That becomes the fun of it.
The world stakes are at hand and we have to team up.
-Sadly, yeah. -Sadly, yes.
This scene, it's right in the beginning of the movie.
Slap bang at the beginning, yeah. It was scripted.
-And we got to set that morning. -First.
I go to Jason. Our very first day by the way.
Day one.
Never how you should start a movie, day one.
"Hey Jason, I have these alts."
It's the fun of being able to sort of embrace what is funny and what's better.
There's some value in having that spontaneity.
It wound up being so good, man.
There's been many, many moments where we were just trying to keep a straight face.
Camera cuts, we're busting out.
Tell your mom I said, "Hi."
Actually, I'll tell her myself.
Don't you ever talk about my mother.
I'll put your head through that wall.
One guy wants to go that way; the other guy wants to go that way.
They're brought together this way.
And we have to sort of embrace there's a bigger and greater good other than what our own selfish needs are.
We went into this movie knowing that, man, what an opportunity we have to deliver something really cool and big and fun for the world.
So you guys are being hunted by an army of mercenaries led by a genetically enhanced soldier.
Tell me this is not happening.
That is an official wrap on myself, my amazing co-star, Jason Statham.
Thank you for joining us on HBO's Screening Room.
Yeah, and enjoy Hobbs...& Shaw.



『ワイルド・スピード/スーパーコンボ』キャストが出演映画について語る (Hobbs and Shaw (2019): Dwayne Johnson & Jason Statham Featurette | HBO)

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