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(electronic music)
- Now and come and meet my pack!
(chilled music)
- And this is actually a pack walk.
We got, I think like eight, nine different species here
including dogs, so--
Today I get to be the leader.
We get to switch positions to see if we can all play
pole positions so,
it's nice man, it's nice you know.
(ambient music)
- [Camera Operator, Peter] Who are you bringing on the pack walk?
- One of Calvin's ducks.
Controlling the sheep,
and making sure that the donkey, the pony,
are keeping stride with Cesar.
- Well people should go on pack walks
because it's the natural human instinct
to move and travel like nomads,
and it's in our DNA,
and even the ancients had to get around somewhere
and their best companion was either a mule,
a dog, any species that was around them at the time,
like horses,
it stimulated their instinctual needs, so,
it's just healthy,
it's human nature.
- [Peter] How many days a week
should you go on a pack walk like this?
(inspiring music)
- So let's not worry too much about
what's going on on my leg, okay?
- [Peter] Jaimito, what's this new fashion you go going on?
- It's called the drip!
- Come on, Apollo, come on, go, go.
Come on.
Good boy, good boy!
- Going with the flow of the pack.
They are being integrated so they're always--
we're putting them in the follower state.
- [Cesar] (in Spanish) Jaimito, talk and work!
You see how I get distracted?
Then it influenced the pack.
It took them out of the follow mentality.
My energy got distracted. It dropped.
One thing that he showed me very well.
- This is dog walking 2.0.
Fitness, socialization,
house broken, why?
Because they've got somewhere else away from home,
they're gonna pee and they're gonna poop,
so you get to--
kill three birds with one.
social, different species,
and to release the waste
which is gonna help them get back home
and feel perfectly fine,
no physical energy they have to deal with,
the mind is something new
and they pee and they poop away from home.
This is the quack leader!
This is the quack leader!
How can we accomplish this?
It's all about energy and understanding the psychology
of each individual species you want to connect.
How many species are on this video?!
(inspiring music)


How Ten Different Animal Species All Walk Together

346 タグ追加 保存
波波學英語 2019 年 8 月 5 日 に公開
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