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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,620 I am so happy to see you again.
First of all, happy belated birthday.
Oh, thank you.
When was it?
It was a couple weeks ago.
Yeah, I didn't-- I mean, I didn't do anything.
You did nothing?
No, I did nothing.
I specifically did-- I'm one of those people that hates, not
I'll go to your birthday.
But I hate my birthday because I hate attention.
No, I don't know why.
So I actually-- you know who's really great about birthdays
is all the girls from Pitch Perfect.
And they always try and get me to do something with them.
And I actually told them, I was like, I'm in Vancouver,
visiting a friend.
Well, now they know that I wasn't.
But, yeah, they always want to plan stuff.
And I just like I sat at home, and I organized my sock drawer,
and I didn't do anything, and it was amazing.
I mean, did people give you gifts though,
even though there was not an event?
Um, no.
I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm chilling.
All right.
You know.
That's weird.
It seems like you'd want--
you know--
I mean, I ordered a cake for myself.
I'm not a monster.
I--I see, I see.
All right.
So at least you had a cake.
Yeah, I'm not a sociopath.
Yeah, yeah.
But I thought you were hanging out
with the whole cast of Pitch Perfect.
No, the--
Because I saw a picture.
That was Chrissie Fit's birthday.
This is a different girl from the cast of Pitch Perfect.
And we are very big on birthdays in the cast,
so we all went to the Magic Castle.
And the Magic Castle is like this secret club for magicians,
and you can go.
And it sounds really dorky because it is,
but also it's amazing.
Like, it's genuinely so amazing.
And they did all these magic tricks and it was so much fun.
There was one guy toward the end who did this trick where--
I don't know how he did this.
There was-- he was, like, asking me to just punch
random numbers into my phone.
And we're just telling each other random numbers
to punch into my phone and add them up.
And we look at the number, and he's like,
what do you think that is?
And we're like, I don't know, a bank account number?
That's be cool.
And someone was like, it looks like a phone number.
And my friend Kelly was like, oh, I'm going to call it.
And it was the magician's phone number!
I don't know how he did that, which was like so cool
and it was the greatest night.
And then the next day, that magician--
because he had my friend, Kelly's, phone number now,
because she called him--
texted her and was like, hey, just
wondering if you would ever want to go out sometime?
So my question is, was he just going
to hit on one of the girls that called him?
Or, like, is this a really good trick?
Like, did he know how to get her to call,
and they're going to end up, like, married with kids,
and it's, like, the greatest magic trick of all time?
Well, either way, it's great.
Does she like him?
Is she going to go out with him?
She's good.
But now he has her phone number.
Yeah, you never know.
So, wait.
So, like, literally, y'all just made up numbers and that was
the actual--
I know!
It's amazing.
I mean, I'm probably banned for life
for telling that story now, but it was a great night.
No, it's not-- but you didn't give anything away.
That's the whole thing.
You can't give tricks away.
Oh, is that it?
That's the thing.
But you didn't give that away.
I don't understand.
I love magicians.
I'm fascinated by them.
All right, let's talk about the movie
because I loved the movie.
Oh, good.
I love it.
Thank you.
It's very hard to explain what it is, because it's a mystery
but it's done with such a twist on how it-- but explain it.
It's-- oh, it's hard to explain it.
Yeah, it's like--
I play a mom who's like a mommy blogger,
and she meets this woman through her son.
And she gets close to her, and then that woman disappears.
And it's just a really fun movie,
because there's this mystery that's very real
and the stakes are very high.
But it's also, like, funny and weird, and it's kind of sexy
and you laugh a lot, but it's not a comedy.
It's really-- it's a great movie.
I love it.
OK, explain this picture, because this has now
gone sort of viral.
Is that an extra large suitcase or is that how tiny
you really are?
Yeah, that's just-- I just hate packing,
and that is not, like, a fake suitcase.
I just got in my suitcase, because that's
how packing and traveling makes me feel.
And I'm very small, so--
Very small.
--I thought I'll just get in here
and I'll feel safe and warm.
And then everybody has been posting it in different ways.
I know, I heard about this but I haven't actually seen any.
All right, you know what.
There's many.
You know, before I came out here, they were like,
Ellen really thinks these photos are--
OK-- thinks these photos are funny.
And I was like, no, just show them to me out there.
It will be fine.
Yep, yep.
Adorable, right?
I like it.
I'm glad the internet was having fun.
Yeah, they were.


Anna Kendrick Lied to Her 'Pitch Perfect' Co-Stars About Her Birthday Plans

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