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  • so it's a pleasure to be here in Las Vegas to present to you now I get

  • invited to do keynotes across the globe and while it's easy for me to be here in

  • Las Vegas it isn't always easy for me to travel across the world and even when I

  • do I can't always speak the local language well what if neither language

  • nor distance mattered for me to deliver a fantastic keynote what if technology

  • could help me be anywhere I needed to be and speak any language I wanted well it

  • can we are bringing together the power of mixed reality and Azure AI services

  • to create a truly game-changing experience what you're about to see is

  • an exact hologram of me wearing the same outfit that we recently captured at a

  • mixed reality studio and I don't speak Japanese but what if I wanted to deliver

  • my keynote in Japanese using Azure AI technology I can translate my English

  • into Japanese and train it to sound exactly like me the same voice tones

  • those same inflections now we brought this together my hologram and as Rai to

  • show you what's possible so first I'm gonna put on my hololens to hear and

  • then we'll flip in the room to the special camera so you can see exactly

  • what I'm seeing let's get started first let me introduce you to mini-me there

  • she is my perfect holograph and thanks to the power of hololens - she just

  • floats right with me I'm literally holding my hologram so natural now she's

  • a little small to do a keynote so let's get her up so she can do full-sized

  • Japanese keynote render keynote

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  • to estimate a kotoba are commercially Masanga

  • what a cigar design in nihongo Hannah stay tuned Agha a Pharisee notice what

  • does your new home go Hannah seem a singer but the Sunoco a hologram you WA

  • can pick in any home Hoda honest Amos Korea a neurotic estoy yo me agita Oh

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  • taking on session a success mass nihongo conference ago boruto gargle madonna

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  • cast a sec I dunno cope Kyoya so he Kyoto in Osaka Tokido Kyoto so so steamy

  • Takeda say Missoni see hygge games it's an inheritor goddess

  • as you can see this is mind blowing technology and what you just saw was my

  • life-size hologram my exact replica rendered here in real time speaking

  • Japanese with my unique voice signature to do this we use mixed reality

  • technology to create my hologram and render it here live then we use Azure

  • speech-to-text capability in English transcription to get my speech then use

  • Azure translate to get this in this Beach into Japanese and finally applied

  • neural text-to-speech technology so it sounded exactly like me

  • just speaking Japanese and the most amazing part all of these technologies

  • exists today the future is here

so it's a pleasure to be here in Las Vegas to present to you now I get


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デモを行います。Microsoft Inspire 2019でのAIニューラルTTSとホログラムの魔法 (Demo: The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms at Microsoft Inspire 2019)

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