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  • Making Kimchi traditionally requires a lot of time to ferment, but I've figured out an easier way to make it in just 3 days!

    伝統的な方法でキムチを作ると、発酵に多くの時間がかかります。でも、たった 3 日でキムチを作る、より簡単な方法を見つけました!

  • It's a Korean side dish that will amplify almost any dish.


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  • Here, I have a head of Napa cabbage weighing in at about 3 lbs.

    こちらに、 3 ポンドほどの重さがある白菜があります。

  • I'll cut it into quarters and give the bottom layers another cut so we don't have any large pieces.

    1/4 にカットしてから、大きな切れ端が残らないよう、根元にはさらに切ります。

  • I'll wash and drain my chopped cabbage, then little by little add some into a large bowl, and then sprinkling a generous amount of kosher salt with each layer.


  • I'm using about 1/2 cup of kosher salt for the whole process.

    私はこのプロセス全体で、大体 1/2 カップのコーシャーソルトを使います。

  • Once I'm done salting the cabbage, I'll mix it up one more time, then let it sit for about an hour.

    白菜に塩をかけ終わったら、もう一度混ぜ合わせて、 1 時間ほどそのまま寝かせます。

  • The salt will draw all the moisture from the cabbage, leaving you with a lifeless and limp looking cabbage like this.


  • I'll rinse and wash the salt out 3 more times, and finally let it drain before moving on with the next step.

    もう 3 回ほど白菜を洗って塩を流し、次のステップに移る前に、水切りをします。

  • Now for the kimchi paste.


  • I'm going to start with 5-6 cloves of garlic, which I'll peel by shaking between these two metal bowls.

    ニンニク 5~6 かけを、この 2 つの金属ボウルの中で振って、皮をむきます。

  • This is a cool trick to peel your garlic easily without having any stinky hands.


  • One medium sized onion that I'll peel, quarter, and add to a blender, half of a Korean or Asian pear that I'll peel and core.

    M サイズのタマネギの皮をむき、 1/4 に切ってミキサーに入れます。それから梨を半分、皮をむいて芯を除きます。

  • This Asian pear will give it a natural, subtle hint of sweetness.


  • If you can't find this you can sub for Kiwi, Pineapples, or even Apples.


  • A piece of ginger about 2 inches long, 2 tsps of sugar, a quarter cup of fish sauce, half a cup gochugaru which is korean chili pepper flakes.

    2 インチほどの長さのショウガを1かけ、砂糖小さじ 2 杯、魚醤 1/4 カップ、韓国の唐辛子粉であるコチュカルを 1/2 カップ、用意します。

  • I don't recommend subbing it for red chili pepper flakes you find at the supermarket cause it's totally different.


  • You can find this at any Asian market.


  • A quarter cup of water, a quarter cup of cooked white rice and then give everything a whirl.

    水 1/4 カップ、炊いた米 1/4 カップも加え、ミキサーのスイッチを入れましょう。

  • I'm looking for a thick paste that will spread easily over the Kimchi.


  • And last but not least, I'll add a tbsp of salted shrimp to give it that unique salty flavor.

    最後になりましたが、重要な手順。塩漬けエビを大さじ 1 杯入れれば、独特の塩味をつけることができます。

  • This is totally optional if you don't want it in there.


  • I'll give it one more blend and then it's ready to mix.


  • But before we start mixing everything together, I'm peeling and shredding 1 carrot with my mandolin, and slicing 2 stalks of green onions.

    でも全てを混ぜ合わせる前に、ニンジン 1 本の皮をむき、スライサーで千切りにします。そしてネギ 2 本を切りましょう。

  • I'll add those into the bowl with my wilted cabbage then I'll pour my pepper paste all over the vegetables, then mix it really well by hand.


  • I'm wearing these cute pink gloves so I don't stain or burn my hands with the hot pepper sauce.


  • Finally the most important step is letting the kimchi ferment.


  • I'll add it into this air tight container, and let it sit for 3 days to 1 week.

    キムチを気密容器に入れて、 3 日~ 1 週間寝かせます。

  • It's really best after a week but you can start eating it after 3 days when the flavors develop.

    1 週間寝かせるのがベストですが、 3 日すれば風味が出るので、食べることができますよ。

  • I like to enjoy this with japchae or bulgogi, but it's really delicious over plain rice too.


  • Or you can go crazy and add it to my Soba Stir Fry recipe!


  • Have you ever made kimchi before? What has your experience been like?


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  • Thanks for watching and I'll see u next time. Bye!


Making Kimchi traditionally requires a lot of time to ferment, but I've figured out an easier way to make it in just 3 days!

伝統的な方法でキムチを作ると、発酵に多くの時間がかかります。でも、たった 3 日でキムチを作る、より簡単な方法を見つけました!

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超簡単!たった3日でできるキムチの作り方(Easy Kimchi Recipe | HONEYSUCKLE)

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