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Hello you guys, and welcome back.
Now I am super excited about this one because we're gonna be talking about fashion, style, romance, elegance.
I'm Rickey Thompson and this is Royal Tea, grab a cuppa because it's gonna get steamy.
All righty if you know me, I am no stranger to fashion.
I mean look at me, I look absolutely amazing.
But anyway, I've done so many great things in the fashion world.
I was on the cover of Out magazine, I got to walk in Alexander Wang's recent fashion show, I've been invited to a lot of fashion week shows, and you know fashion really just makes me happy.
I love looking good and I love when people tell me I look good, so like I always say you either show out or don't show up at all, that's the rule to fashion baby, hello.
Here's what I have to say about these royal ladies, they can work.
I am talking about designer duds all the time.
And you know what?
I am here for it.
Now, starting off with my girl Princess Diana, she could rock a suit skirt and a shift dress, but her style was way out of the box too.
She knew how to rock polka dots and sequins and she loved accessories, like her layered pearls and her killer tiara.
Now do you guys remember her revenge dress?
Oh my goodness this dress was so sexy, she gave me skin, she gave me a slit.
Now if I were to come to an event that my ex was at and I really wanted to show him what I was really about, I would rock this dress.
Princess Diana girl, you did that.
She was also the queen of athleisure.
Get you a princess who can do both baby.
we saw her in sweat shirts and biker shorts, I see you Kim Kardashian.
Then we have Princess Margaret, now you guys may not know this but she's an OG, she brought fashion to the palace.
She gave us furs, she gave us gowns, she gave us Dior, J'adore Diore Margaret.
Can we talk about this look?
Now this look right here gave me bad bitch, she's ready.
And who could ever forget this scandalous birthday picture?
Margaret gave us shoulder, she gave us neck, she gave as ahh.
You can tell she was really feeling herself, like me I'm always feeling myself, I see you Rickey.
Then we have Queen Elizabath.
Okay well, we see that she's giving us a coat, a cute little dress and a hat, we see that she's giving it to us again and again and again, okay Queen, I see you.
Then we have Kate Middleton, her style screams class.
She gives us very ladylike fashion, very put together fashion, she loves a printed A line dress, a tailored coat, she loves her accessories just like Princess Diana, like rocking a very killer tiara.
Also, she likes to rock a simple Zara dress, maybe a simple Zara jean, I am loving this simple ladylike classy gown that she's wearing.
I love the purple, it's such an amazing color, this is also my favorite color as well, so Kate.
Lastly we have my girl Meghan Markle.
Now Meghan Markle knows what to do with her fashion, it's very chic, it's very contemporary, it's very streamlined.
All righty now this first look, Meghan I love you but it wasn't my favorite, but I see that you wanted to give the public elegance.
Now this Meghan, I am obsessed with this yellow dress.
You are giving color, you are giving me elegance, you are also giving me a little bit of sexiness, and I am here for it.
Now this last look, oh my goodness, I really do love when women rock pantsuits, and Meghan you look absolutely amazing.
It's black, it's sleek, it's also giving you that business woman feel and I love it girl.
Now it's time to throw it back, let's see what these ladies were giving us before they were royals.
All right so in this first look we see that Kate is rocking the sheer tights, with these tube socks.
Now it looks like she is going to a rave, so I know that Miss Kate likes to have fun.
This look is such a trend right now, the low-rider jeans, bootcut with the cami, very cute Kate, very cute.
Kate this is not my favorite girl, I don't know what this dress is, it looks like you're rocking a very expensive curtain, not my favorite, I would leave that in my closet, I really would.
This is another look I would leave in the closet, I don't like this cropped jacket it looks very small.
This dress, very grandma, and these kitten heels not my favorite, sorry girl.
I don't play favorites but y'all know my girl Meghan.
This first look, I think it's very sexy.
I'm not a fan of kitten heels, but Meghan, you look hot girl in this red dress.
Ooh ooh Meghan.
Meghan now you know I love you, but this outfit right here girl, not my favorite.
I don't like the bag, I don't like the slip-ons, I don't like the pearl necklace, it's not my favorite, not my favorite at all.
This look, I actually really do like it, like I love the fur jacket, I love the denim skirt, I love these heels.
Once again Meghan, girl you know I love you, but I do not like this look, I am not a fan of a...
What would you call it?
It's like a suit, but it's with shorts.
It's not my favorite and it's not really real denim either.
Is that a pink bra?
You know what?
That was a fun one.
But I really wanna know what you guys have to say.
Like, who is your style icon?
Which look was your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below.
Well that's it for me, I'm Rickey Thompson and this was Royal Tea.
Now, don't forget to smash that subscribe button, give us a like and you know, have a conversation in the comments below.
All right you guys, I love you and I'll see you guys real soon, bye!


世界を魅せる!英国王室の女性たちのスタイルを振り返ろう(Reviewing the Most Iconic Royal Fashion Looks—With Rickey Thompson | Royal Tea | Harper's BAZAAR)

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