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  • Getting ready for vacation?

  • Don't forget your sunscreen.

  • In this video we want to show you how to choose and apply the right sunscreen for your needs.

  • Hi ladies, it's Josephine Wong, training executive with Shiseido, and today I wanted

  • to share with you some really great sun care products that we have at Shiseido.

  • I have my friend Jillian here, we're going to do some demonstrations of the products.

  • So we have a couple different options at Shiseido.

  • The white packaging is our Urban Environment sun care products, and there's three different

  • options here for you, and the first one is the Urban Environment Oil-Free product.

  • So this is one of our top sellers because it's fantastic for that everyday sunscreen.

  • You can throw it on if you're just driving to work, dropping the kids off, running to

  • the grocery, things like that, and it looks flawless.

  • You can also use it as a makeup base as well.

  • So we have one that is for the face, we have one that's for the face and the body, and

  • then we also have one that's available that has a tint to it.

  • So those are the three options for our Urban Environment.

  • They have anti-pollution powder in it, which is great because there's so much pollution

  • in the air, we want to be able to protect our skin.

  • And then the other option that we have at Shiseido is our Ultimate.

  • This has WetForce technology inside of it, and Ultimate just means that we're going

  • to be a little bit more active.

  • So maybe if you're going to go for a swim, a little jog and you're going to be sweating

  • or perspiring, these are fantastic because WetForce technology actually activates your

  • sunscreen to be more protective for you and have a stronger bond on your skin once you

  • have either gotten wet or you're perspiring.

  • The first option here is SPF 50 WetForce, and this is for the face and the body, then

  • we have a cream version that's just for the face, and then most recently we've come

  • out with a sensitive.

  • This is super exciting for those of you that have sensitive skin, it's a mineral-based

  • sunscreen.

  • It's PABA-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free.

  • It contains only physical sunscreen agents, including zinc-oxide and titanium dioxide.

  • So this is the one that Jillian's going to use today because she does have sensitive

  • skin and I'm going to use the regular Ultimate with the SPF 50, and we're going to shake

  • it up.

  • So we want to make sure that you hear this little clicking inside and that shaking is

  • going to make sure that all the ingredients are nice and mixed up.

  • So if we flip over the bottle, you'll see the product comes right out.

  • So we're going to go ahead and start applying, and there's also a beautiful technology

  • that allows this product to give you an even application and protect your skin 360 degrees

  • from all UV rays.

  • You may see a white cast at first because of this physical sunscreen agent.

  • So now, how quick and easy that was, what do you think, Jillian?”

  • It's very lightweight.”

  • Isn't it?

  • It feels so - like nothing, right?”

  • Yeah.”

  • These are the products we reviewed in this video: Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector,

  • Urban Environment UV Protection Cream, Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector, Ultimate

  • Sun Protection Lotion WetForce SPF 50, Ultimate Sun Protection Cream WetForce SPF 50, Ultimate

  • Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50 for Sensitive Skin and Children.

  • This mineral-based formula contains aloe, so it's extra gentle and soothing for sensitive

  • skin.”

Getting ready for vacation?


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