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hi Peg from Sony I'm going to talk about the power indicator led light
on your Sony tv and how you can use this light to diagnose the state of your tv
if your Sony tv is plugged in and getting power even when it's not turned
on you should see a red led light to indicate that the tv is in standby mode
if you do not see a red or green light on the tv
check to make certain that the tv power cord is plugged in firmly into the back of the tv
check the other end of the cord to make sure that it is plugged into a working outlet
if your tv is plugged into a power strip
make sure that the power strip itself is turned on
or try plugging the tv directly into a wall outlet
many Bravia tvs also have a power cut off switch on one side which
turns the power off completely
make sure that this power switch is set to on
and then turn on the tv with the supplied remote
when you press the power button on your Bravia tv remote control
the led should change from red to green to show that the tv is on and working
if the power button on your tv remote does not work to turn the tv on
try turning the tv on with the built-in power button
the built-in power button can be found on the side bottom or top of the tv
depending on the model
if the tv powers on with the built-in power button
then try changing the batteries on your remote control
or move any items from in front of the tv which might block the remote signal
if the power light has still not changed from red to green when you attempt to
power it on
and the tv is connected to the internet
it is possible that an update is being installed to the tv
via the internet connection
wait for five to ten minutes and then try turning the tv on again
on some models the power led will change to orange or yellow while the
tv is installing an update
if your tvs power led will not turn green but instead consistently
stays red while flashing off and on
unplug the tv from an electrical outlet
and disconnect any equipment connected to it
leave it off for about five minutes
then before connecting any other equipment
plug the power cord back in
you should now be able to turn your tv on
now if you are still seeing a red flashing light and the tv will not
power on we need to do a factory reset
point the remote control at the front of the tv and hold down the up arrow
button on the remote
while holding down the up arrow button press and release the power button on your tv
this resets your tv to factory settings
you should now be able to turn on your tv
if this has not resolved your situation
or you have further questions you should visit us at esupport.Sony.com
for further troubleshooting steps
for more tips tricks and how-to videos please visit us at esupport.Sony.com
or on our SonyListens youtube channel thank you


Sony TV - How to troubleshoot a red or blinking light

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