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  • Mr Balboa, you are welcome here. Since you're representing yourself,

  • we invite you to make an opening statement if you'd like to.

  • No, l'm just curious how l did, that's all.

  • All right. Well, the medical advisory board has informed us

  • that the tests to which you have been subjected,

  • you've passed these tests with flying colours.

  • - And we congratulate you for that. - Thanks.

  • However, this commission in good conscience

  • can not recommend you for a licence,

  • and we therefore deny your application.

  • - Didn't l do what you asked? - Yes, you did.

  • - So l should get a licence, right? - Not exactly.

  • So why you give me all them tests if you was never passin' me?

  • We've got to stand by our decision here,

  • and we have to deny your request for a licence at this time.

  • - Yo, don't l got some rights? -What rights are you referring to?

  • - Like in that official paper they wrote. - That's the Bill of Rights.

  • Don't it say something about goin' after what makes you happy?

  • No, that's the pursuit of happiness. What's your point?

  • l'm pursuing something and nobody looks happy about it.

  • But we're just looking out for your interests.

  • But maybe you're lookin' out for your interests just a little bit more.

  • You shouldn't ask people to come and pay the freight on somethin',

  • they pay, they're still not good enough. Is that right?

  • Maybe you're doin' your job, but why you gotta stop me from doin' mine?

  • lf you're willin' to go through the battling to get to where you wanna get,

  • who's got the right to stop you?

  • Maybe you guys got something you never finished, you really wanna do,

  • you never said to somebody - something! You're told no after you pay your dues.

  • Who's got the right to tell you that? Nobody! It's your right to listen to your gut.

  • lt ain't nobody's right to say no after you earned the right to do what you wanna do!

  • You know, the older l get, the more things l gotta leave behind. That's life.

  • The only thing l'm asking you guys to leave on the table is what's right.

Mr Balboa, you are welcome here. Since you're representing yourself,


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A2 初級

ロッキー・バルボア - 幸せの追求 (Rocky Balboa - Pursuit Of Happiness)

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