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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:05,640 Steve: You know if you come on the court, know why you came on the court, and have a goal.
If you can become a great shooter it makes the whole game easier for you and your team.
Whenever you go on a basketball court don't mess around.
I hate it when guys come on the court and the first 10 minutes their like ... (lazy action).
You know? Flicking the ball up there.
undefined: I used to say "Ok, I'm going to make fifty or I'm going to make a hundred before practice starts."
It makes you harder to defend,.
And it's a lot more fun when you make a lot of shots right?
It's in all those extra hours because you are a fan.
Such an exponentially positive skill to have.
And I know you guys know this but it's a reminder as to why you need to be obsessed to be a great shooter.
So one thing about having a purpose out here is exaggerate everything to start.
So you get warm, and you're reinforcing positive moves.
Your footwork is paramount for everything you do, right.
The best players have incredible footwork.
Steve: Second is to get lower. Because being lower gives you more stability so you're on balance and you get more in legs in your shot
Which is key to having a high soft ball that sees a lot of the hole, and has a better chance of going in.
I want to see you guys get an inch or two lower and get a nice rhythm and a nice arc as we warm up here.
I feel like you get a little bit flatter.
Good shooter, good technique, but a couple of things to focus on; drop your chest a little bit...
So why you drop your chest is to try to get momentum to come back up
Which is not a strategy to get up and shoot.
You want to use your legs.
You want to keep your chest up becuase that's where you play.
What happens if a guy over reacts and you have to go to? Your chest wants to be up.
You don't want to get caught in this position where
you have to get back to this position and go.
So you always want to play the game here. Both ends of the floor. Chest is up.
And the lower you can get here the better.
This is getting real technical but improper movement...
You want this to be flat so let's tuck your butt under just a touch like this...
Right, yeah.
So this is flat.
This is where you go... relax, relax ok up here. Relax.
This stays strong. Drive into the ground with your butt and keep this flat.
You don't want to get this too arched. Ok.
So you want this to be relaxed so we can move. But this is flat and compact.
And when you can get comfortable in that position you're going to get stronger you get all this movement from up here. Right.
undefined: So you're relaxed up top.
I want you, just from there, I want you to drive into the floor to create rhythm and put the ball up in the air. Go.
So you see how high your ball is already? Higher, softer. Right? Sees more of the hole. Ok.
And, if you're sprinting to the corner and somebody hits you for the three.
If you're in that nice tight low position you're going to stop and go straight up in the air more times than not. Right?
It might be OK on a stand still catch and shoot but when the game heats up
you want to be in this position ok.
Let's try one more, so get to the bottom, flat low back, weight between both feet. Perfect.
I want you to be able to just pop straight up.
Really good. That's much better. Let's do a couple more.


Give and Go | Shooting - Get Low: Ep03

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王詠賢 2019 年 7 月 22 日 に公開
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