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People get scared.
They get very frantic
and they're like,
"Okay, what do I say! What do I say!"
"Oh god, oh god, oh god."
And they get worried.
And they like mumble, they mumble a lot.
Mumbling is a sure sign that someone's lying?
-Yes. -Look out for those mumbles.
Mm hmm, yeah.
-I won't mumble with you. -Oh no, no.
You don't mumble with me.
-I won't, no, no, no. -Oh, okay.
Would you say that you're an honest person?
Uh huh.
Pretty honest.
Yup. Honest.
I don't think everyone's honest 100%.
Most of the time.
Sometimes... [laughs]
-Kind of, yeah. -Ha, ha.
Actually, no I do not think I'm an honest person.
Like right now, trust me I'm being honest.
I hope so, ha, ha, ha!
I would hope so!
Whenever I do lie,
I come back after literally 3 minutes
and say, "I'm sorry I just lied."
Why is it important to tell the truth?
Say you lie to someone,
the lie can get bigger and bigger
every time you lie.
Are there times when it's okay to lie?
I probably lie about like if I have a bad day or not.
Like if I'm not having a good day I'll be like,
"Oh yeah, I'm fine," and then smile, but I'm really not.
A lot of people do that.
Like if some mafia guy has you chained up and says,
"Where's the gold," and you have no gold,
You could lie and say, "It's in Africa."
Have you ever been caught in a lie?
Well maybe when I drew on the couch.
-Oh my gosh. -But I just blamed it
on my brother.
Oh my gosh!
-Caught lying? -Yeah?
Like I once stole a cookie and then I told my mom,
"Mom I'll buy you cookies."
Did you buy her cookies?
Yeah. Well no, she didn't let me.
Then after my mom figured it out,
because she measured our hands on the thing.
Are you telling me that your mom measured your hands
on the couch to find out who drew on the couch?
Well first she did Simon's and after she was like,
"It's too big for Simon." so then she did mine,
and she's like, "Soph it's yours."
Your mom's a detective.
I was pretending to do my teeth and my mom caught me.
And you weren't brushing your teeth
but you told your mom you were?
-Yes. -Ha, ha, ha, ha!
I think that almost every child in the history of the universe,
has been guilty of lying to their parents
about brushing their teeth.
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-Yeah! -Yeah!
-Yeah!! -Yeah!!!
Is that it?
That's it.
Do you want a sip of water?
Wow is that like a survival bag?
I'm like a true gentleman you know.


子どもに学ぶ!「正直さ」とは? (Small Talk | Honesty | CBC Kids)

580 タグ追加 保存
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