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If you're like me, you love to travel.
If you're also like me... you don't particularly like economy class.
It seems that year after year, your knee room gets smaller and smaller and smaller.
I'm a pretty tall guy. I'm about six feet tall, and my knees rub against the back of the seat in front of me, and I found a solution to make my life a little bit more comfortable.
When I'm sitting in the aisle seat of an economy flight.
So if you think about the typical layout of airplane seats...
On the side of a plane, you have seat A, next to the window;seat B in the middle;seat C, which is typically the aisle seat.
The armrest in between A & B, and C & B, both lift up and go down.
The ones on the far side next to the window, and the ones in the far side next to the aisle, they are locked in position.
The one next to the window it is completely stuck. There's no way you can put it up and down.
But on most planes the armrest on the aisle seat has a secret button right here, that you can lift up the armrest and slide yourself out quite easily.
I've been traveling pretty consistently for eight years, and not once on any plane has anybody actually said this... that you can use this to slide in and out much more comfortably if you're on the aisle.
I don't know if they don't want you to know, I don't know if it's only for emergency purposes only.
All I know is that if you are sitting in this seat and you have long legs or your tray tables down, maybe you're working on a computer, it makes it way easier to slide in and out of that seat.
It's used by flight attendants in emergencies to get people out much more quickly, also if you have a disability, lifting that armrest up is much easier to exit the row.
Even if you don't have a disability, you don't have to do that weird body wave worm thing lifting your butt out of the seat to work around the armrest to go to the bathroom.
You look cooler, it's more comfortable, and next time you're flying, check for that little button underneath the armrest.
Also make sure that if you do lift up the armrest and you're sleeping or relaxing…
That that trolley doesn't go by and go BAM against your leg because, damn those ladies, and men are ruthless with that thing. They will hit your leg and you will be woken up very abruptly, and they will be very upset you're abusing your privileges with the button, so keep that in mind.
Thanks for watching, my name is Mike Corey.
And if you're new to the channel I make videos about the weird, the wonderful, the strange, the different attractions and events on our planet.
Make sure to check some of those out.
I guarantee some will surprise you, and like always, experiences over possessions, I'll see you in the next video.



エコノミークラスでの快適な過ごし方!(Travel Hacks SECRET LEGROOM BUTTON | Airport & Airplane Tips 2018)

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