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Hi, I'm Jamie Kondis and I'm here to talk to you today about summer safety tips
summer is such a fun time for kids and parents to be outdoors but there are a
few things that you want to think about just to be cautious and make sure that
kids don't end up in the emergency department with any injuries or
illnesses. First of all, kids are gonna love to play
outside but if you've got little kids they're gonna want to try to put
things in their mouths so make sure that you know what's in your yard if you
don't know what the plants are you might want to call your local poison control
center and just make sure you don't have anything poisonous. Another series of
tips involves grilling and doing things outside. You need to teach kids early on
that that grill is just like the stove or oven inside they don't ever want to
touch it even when it's been turned off it can still stay hot for a while so
just keep the kids away from those grills. Another thing you need to think
about is lawn mowers. So, if you have kids keep them away from those lawn mowers
the push mowers and the riding mowers can both cause a lot of injuries in
kids that we unfortunately see in the summer. If you have a kid who wants to
mow the lawn themselves our recommendation is they need to be at
least 12 years old before they use the push mower that they walk behind and they
need to be at least 16 years old like driving a car before they use the riding
lawnmower and you should never have kids on the lawnmower with you that's just
not safe. Finally, if your kids are gonna be playing outside make sure that
they're wearing sunscreen and bug spray. We actually don't recommend the
combination sunscreen bug spray things because you have to reapply
sunscreen to kids every two hours but you're not supposed to reapply bug spray
that often, so do it separately make sure you've got sunscreen on every part of
their exposed skin and that it's a high SPF, higher than 35, 55 is a really good
one and make sure that you put on the bug spray just one time before they go
outside that should be plenty we don't recommend sunscreen for kids less than
six months so those kids if they're going to be outside just need to be
totally covered up but we really want them to avoid direct sunlight. So have
fun outside in the sun but stay safe.


Top 3 Hot Weather Safety Tips for Kids

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