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Racism and xenophobia are, unfortunately, everywhere.
However, one woman is turning this into this.
Meet Germany's hate destroyer.
In Germany, former teacher Irmela Mensah-Schramm has made it her life mission to remove any neo-Nazi stickers and graffiti around her country.
It's no easy feat though.
And how does one arm oneself for a war against street hate?
"I do this with a scraper, nail polish remover or I use color spray."
Irmela's been covering, removing and obscuring these messages since the eighties.
She keeps a record of everything she's wiped out, all over her country.
"Since January 3, 2007, I have removed over 77,500 stickers."
Every day, except for Sundays.
Irmela packs her bags and heads off to the streets.
Sometimes she nails a big one, like this heart.
It used to be a swastika.
Other times, it's small, but even the crudest message doesn't slip by.
"My school education was unfortunately shaped in a way that we weren't exposed to much Nazi history."
"It was a taboo subject."
"And when I visited a concentration camp for the first time, it really gave me the shock of a lifetime."
"I must do something so that the past does not repeat itself."
And as long as there's hate in this world;
Irmela will be there, can in hand.
"I have to be honest, when I come home after, knowing that I am able to remove all these things, then I feel good again."



71 歳、憎しみを洗い落とす『落書きおばあちゃん』に会う (Meet the 71-Year-Old "Graffiti Grandma" Scrubbing Away Hate)

6460 タグ追加 保存
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