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Welcome back to the miniseries people fucked up by Bulls this fella thinks his fighting his little brother
He's trying to hold the bull by the head so it can't touch him
But he trips over and the bull says fuck you for treating me like a toddler
Why is that guy waving his flanno around? Whatever the bull ignores it..there's a takedown followed by a massive ground-and-pound
No one has the balls to referee this fight. You just have to wait for a bull attack to blow over
He's happy though
isn't he? He's jogging to the pub Look at that well-dressed man get fucked up
He's got a tinder date to go to now
This guy is running full speed and tries to jump up the wall that was a piss-poor
Effort he has a vertical leap of about 10 cm The bull is just trying to give him a boost it's lending a helping horn
Yeah off he goes fucking change direction
Here the bull says hey mate have you ever thought of becoming a gymnast? I can teach you to do a backflip
Here comes some more gymnastics training for this bloke. He immediately wishes
He was a fetus doesn't he His mates are like quit being a fetus run
He says that hurt more than I ever thought it would and fucked on again
He has the greatest tunnel vision in the history of mankind
Meanwhile back on the streets run old man. Ah
Say good day to the chiropractor for me. You drongo.
There's a big hit He got nicely shit mixed there, and you're fucked mate
You're fucked look at that the guy there with these umbrella,his red tracksuit. He's got a little ponytail
There's no action that happens here. I just wanted to point him out cuz he looks like a fucking cool guy
They've got umbrellas, too
Don't come near me or I'll hit you with me Brawley which does sweet fuck all against a bull..you want a roly-poly?
I'll give you a roly-poly... weeeeeee
Crikey, he's not moving down there
I think he's dead have I just chucked a Logan Paul and put a dead guy in me video..shit
Oh, no. He was faking. It. Well played top notch idea. He's okay
It's beer o'clock at the pub for him as well look at this young fella
He takes a dive like his favorite soccer players, and he's pretty happy about that
He's like the girls at school are totally gonna give me a handjob now. He was actually on his way to get a coffee
This guy is gonna get away. No the bush has devoured him no one has ever seen him again
I think he's stuck in the upside down. What's this all about there? No. get fucked you bloody cheat
That was cheating this bull is more of a car person. It's a car person bull. It's a car person
What's going on here the tourists!! The tourists gets a cracked open head! He's like Oh dear me dear me
What happened?Where am I? I arrived in Portugal an hour ago Now.,I've got blood on my face
Fuck me fuck me. Are you gentlemen aware that there's a bull on the road? There's a big fuck-off bull?
I hope my Allianz travel insurance covers this,I'll just check the paperwork now. No, I've got to keep moving
Oh fuck the bull is coming back
Here the bull rams into a whole group of people and it's another old man that gets hammered
Why do old men take such big risks his mate is like are you okay? He's like yeah
Yeah, I'm good besides all this shit in my pants. Oh this fella
Just took one to the head hasn't he a big hoof to the head?
Oh, well at least he gets to go to the pub now. Yeah, I reckon I reckon he gets an all-day pub pass


Ozzy Man Reviews: People F#%ked Up By Bulls #2

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Amy.Lin 2019 年 7 月 17 日 に公開
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