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  • You are looking at a dangerous person.


  • You may feel unsafeeven threatenedby my very existence.


  • What is this power I possess?


  • It's called "free speech."


  • While I knew it was always there, I recently discovered its true value.


  • Here is my story.


  • It could easily be yours.


  • I'm a journalist, an author, and a podcaster.


  • I live in Portland, Oregon.


  • My husband owns a few local coffee shops and small coffee roasting business called Ristretto Roasters.

    私の夫は地元にいくつかコーヒーショップを持っていて、Ristretto Roasters という小さな焙煎ビジネスもしています。

  • In December 2018, I started a YouTube podcast entitled #MeNeither.

    2018年の12月に、私は #MeNeither というポッドキャストを Youtube で始めました。

  • The show's "about" page reads, "#MeNeither is an almost-weekly conversation about the cultural issues of the day, and an attempt to create a space where people can find ways to think out loud through uncomfortable topics."


  • One of those topics is the #MeToo movement and what I see as some of its excesses, including celebrities who exploit #MeToo for personal gain.

    そこでの話題の 1 つとして #MeToo ムーブメントがあるのですが、私がちょっと行き過ぎてるなと感じるのは、有名人も含めて個人的な利益のためにその輪に加わっているケースがあるというところです。

  • Sexual assault and harassment are real, but the idea that any charge any womanor manbrings must be believed without questionwhere's the logic in that?


  • I believe we are better off judging any claim of harassment, like any other claim, on its own merits.


  • This, I would learn, is not a popular position.


  • It turned out, one of the people tuning in to my new show was a former employee of my husband's coffee business.


  • She claimed my views were "vile, dangerous, and extremely misguided" and, in an email to the press, claimed my opinions created a "demoralizing and hostile environment for employees."


  • Why would the opinions of the wife of the boss demoralize an employee?


  • No one bothered to ask that question.


  • That I appeared to be on the wrong side of the #MeToo debate was all people needed to know.

    要は、私は #MeToo ムーブメントに敵対する立場にいると決めつければそれで満足だったんです。

  • By the time you could say "Twitter," a social media mob formed to say they would never spend another penny at my husband's business.


  • A college-age girl stormed into one of the cafes screaming, variously, that the baristas were in danger and that their working at the cafe posed a threat to the community.


  • Employees previously secure in their jobs grew jittery and quit.


  • One suggested that my husband sell the company and that I offer a public apology before it was too late.

    そのうちの 1 人は、ビジネスを売却して手遅れになる前に公に謝罪するべきだとも言ってきました。

  • This all happened within the first 48 hours.

    これら全部は 48 時間以内に起こった事です。

  • As the outrage grew, local businesses that make up a big part of my husband's base cut and run.


  • Wholesale customers cancelled large accounts, afraid they'd be caught in the #MeToo crossfire.

    卸し先も、#MeToo 問題に巻き込まれるのを恐れて大口の取引をキャンセルしていきました。

  • Staff now worried that they'd lose their jobs and health insurance if Ristretto were forced to close; that I—a person with whom they'd heretofore had a perfectly congenial relationshipmight, in fact, be a secret monster, a rape culture apologist.

    スタッフも Ristretto が倒産に追い込まれると職を失って健康保険も無くなると怖れ、それまでは全くもって有効な関係を築いていた私に対して、実はとんでもない人間で社会の諸事情にに対して文句を付けたがる困ったヤツだという見方をするようになったんです。

  • Many of those who claimed to have been offended had not seen the podcast.


  • One woman wrote, "I clicked, down-voted, then reported on YouTube that it violates community guidelines: hateful

    ある女性は、「私はクリックして、嫌いだと投票して、Youtube に対してこのコンテンツは社会基準を侵害するものだと報告して、

  • I didn't listen, but it's one way to make that [expletive] go away."


  • This kind of uninformed, virtual attack strikes me as childishthe behavior of a toddler whose tantrum brings a dinner party to a halt until it's placated with the attention it seeks.


  • I invited my critics to speak with methe whole point of #MeNeither is to provoke discussion.


  • No one took me up on my offer.


  • It was evidently easier for so-called feminists to tell my husband to leave his wife or lose his business.


  • For some random dude on Facebook to send me the message, "You are scum. Rot in hell you dirty..."—just use your imaginationthan to honestly confront me.

    Facebook ではある男の人が「お前は人間の屑だ。地獄で苦しんで死ねクソ(ナンチャラカンチャラ)」とメッセージしてきましたが、面と向かっては私には言えないんです。

  • I can't help but think that those who engage in this kind of behavior are steering themselves into perpetually unhappy waters, that they live in fear that everyone and everything is out to get them, so therefore they must strike first.


  • Or are they addicted to the feeling that what they are doing is righteous?


  • Not considering intolerance in the name of tolerance is a frightening contradiction and solves nothing.


  • Or maybe they think they are making progress.


  • But if this is progress, one might reasonably ask, for whom?


  • And to what end?


  • It's also contrary to what is most fundamental to America: that every citizen has the equal right to voice his or her opinion, and to express these opinions in a public forum.


  • My story is one of many, another cautionary tale for those who get pulled into the culture wars.


  • I understand why most people want to stay out of it.


  • It's scary to fight for liberty and against a mob.


  • The whole thing is exhausting.


  • I have repeatedly been asked, usually in "you should have known better" tones, if I am going to stop having nuanced conversations about sensitive subjects.


  • The answer is absolutely not.


  • And if that makes you feel unsafe?


  • Too bad.


  • I'm Nancy Rommelmann, journalist and author, for Prager University.

    Prager University のジャーナリストで作家の、ナンシー・ロンメルマンでした。

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    ご覧いただきありがとうございます。Prager University のビデオを無料で配信するために、税金のかからない献金を是非ご一考下さい。

You are looking at a dangerous person.


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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