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  • In this American English pronunciation

  • video, we're going to learn how to

  • pronounce the OH as in NO diphthong.

  • Diphthongs are a combination of two

  • sounds. They have a starting position

  • and an ending position.

  • The jaw drops for the beginning

  • position, tongue shifts back a little bit.

  • The lips may start relaxed, or may start

  • rounding right from the beginning.

  • After dropping the jaw, immediately

  • start moving into the ending position:

  • the lips round, and the back part of the

  • tongue stretches up. Focus on the

  • movement of the jaw and the lip rounding.

  • Let's see this sound up close and in slow motion.

  • Jaw drop for the first position, and

  • rounded lips for the second.

  • The word 'slow'. Notice how the lips

  • are not relaxed in the first position of

  • this diphthong, with the jaw drop.

  • They're flared, which does not affect

  • the sound, as they prepare to round for

  • the ending position. Rounded lips.

  • In a stressed syllable, the OH diphthong

  • curves up then down. Slow, oh. In an

  • unstressed syllable, it's lower and

  • flatter in pitch, as well as quieter and

  • quicker, oh. The diphthong is

  • unstressed in the word 'okay', oh. Let's

  • take a look at the word 'okay'.

  • The jaw drops, but not quite as much as

  • it did on the stressed syllable of 'slow'.

  • The lips begin to round for the

  • transition into the ending position. The

  • lips round, but not quite as much as for

  • the stressed OH in 'slow'.

  • Here we compare the first position of

  • the stressed OH on top with the

  • unstressed version on the bottom. Less

  • jaw drop for the unstressed version.

  • And here, the second position. You can

  • see that for the stressed OH, on top, the

  • lips round more than they do in the

  • unstressed version.

  • Generally, the unstressed version of a

  • vowel or diphthong is more relaxed and

  • often doesn't take the full mouth

  • position, in this case, less jaw drop and

  • less lip rounding. This is because we

  • don't take as much time for unstressed

  • syllables, they're shorter, so we simplify

  • the mouth movements.

  • The OH diphthong, stressed: slow, OH

  • Unstressed: okay, oh

  • OH, oh, OH, oh.

  • Example words. Repeat with me:

  • Alone, tomorrow, home, window, phone, social.

  • I hope this video helps you understand

  • this sound. That's it, and thanks so

  • much for using Rachel's English.

In this American English pronunciation


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英語の音 - OH Diphthong - NO DiphthongのようにOHを作る方法 (English Sounds - OH Diphthong - How to make the OH as in NO Diphthong)

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