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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:00,000 I've seen you dance.
You're a good dancer.
I've seen you dance.
Yeah, I've seen you throw down.
We might have danced recently together.
We did dance.
I barely remember that.
We danced.
We were at our friend Jen Aniston's birthday party.
It was jam packed, but we did find each other,
and we did dance together.
We always have the best time together.
Yes, we do.
Do you think you and I have a better time together
than you and Jen?
Well, I mean, Jen and I know each other better because we're
really, really good friends.
And we just finished our television show that we
have coming out together.
It's called The Morning Show.
Right, yeah, she told me she needed a break.
She was glad it was over.
00:00:40,950 --> 00:00:44,192 Oh, are you saying you're better friends with Jen than me?
I don't need to say it.
It's obvious.
A lot of people know that.
Well she told me that she was so excited to work
with me because she was just tired of hanging out with you.
She'll say anything to make you feel better.
That's the kind of girl she is.
She loves to make people feel good.
Yeah, well, she does.
And whenever I go over to her house, I'm always like,
is Ellen invited?
She's like, please don't tell her we're doing this.
And I'm like, no, but, she's texting me all the time the way
you text--
Let me fix your hair because it's not
fair to let you talk about--
No, what happens is when she invites me over
and I can't make it she goes, all right,
then I'll call Reese.
And then you go.
So listen, I understand--
Listen, Ellen!
We can fight over Oprah, and I know
that you and Oprah live close to each other
and you really are really close friends.
But Jen and I, that's kind of special.
I don't know.
We're almost out of time, but there's one thing I need to do.
I am going to settle this once and for all.
00:01:54,347 --> 00:01:55,679 Do I need to put her on speaker?
00:02:06,083 --> 00:02:06,750 Leave a message.
I'll call you back.
The mailbox is full and cannot--
00:02:16,990 --> 00:02:20,150 I don't know what else to do.
Let me see if I can call Reese.
Who else do you want me to call?
Do you want me to call Oprah?
00:02:49,790 --> 00:02:51,567 All right.
She was on the treadmill.
She said call her back.
That was Jen.
00:03:03,630 --> 00:03:04,890 Oh, my god, hello?
Hey, are you on the treadmill?
Oh, yeah.
It's all right.
All right, so it's your friend, Ellen.
How are you?
I'm good, sweetheart.
How are you doing?
I'm good.
I'm not on a treadmill.
I'm actually doing a show right now,
and this is a really important question.
00:03:22,740 --> 00:03:23,460 Say hi, Jen.
Say hi to everybody.
00:03:29,280 --> 00:03:30,565 This is why I'm your friend.
You know that, right?
I know.
That's why I'm your friend, too.
So, Reese Witherspoon, you know her, right?
Yea, of course.
She somehow thinks that she and you are better friends than you
and I are.
I just want to settle this once and for all
that you and I are better friends than Reese and you.
00:03:53,960 --> 00:03:56,130 Yes, honey, we've cleared this up.
I know.
I thought we had, too.
So once and for all, you and I are better friends.
Yes, Darling.
That's basically based on also almost 30 years
of knowing each other?
Yeah, OK, so it's done.
Thank you.
00:04:26,447 --> 00:04:27,780 I haven't heard back from Oprah.
I'm just going to go through my list.
All right.
I want to thank Reese Witherspoon who, unfortunately,
is not as close to Jennifer Aniston as I am.
Jennifer Aniston, one of my very, very best friends,
I'll see you tomorrow.
Be kind to one another.
Hi, I'm Andy.
Ellen asked me to remind you to subscribe to her channel
so you can see more awesome videos,
like videos of me getting scared, or saying
embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and also
some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if you're
into that sort of thing.


Jennifer Aniston Settles Whether She's Better Friends with Ellen or Reese Witherspoon

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