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Fox Sports was bill writer had a sit-down interview with the brunt James
they basically talked about how he is giving back to his
acrid community even if they love him or hate him
and he's donating football jerseys even came out one of those football jerseys
the high school that he attended obviously then bill writer decided to
ask him
you know who who we're top three fans love to do this all the time who top
it took him a while I think it's fair to say and then
the one of its at in order Michael Jordan pause
for maybe like 15 seconds ten seconds
32nd yeah he's michael jordan 4 times before you get to number two
because he was trying to eat one was for sure michael Jordan yet
well that's the obvious threat obvious one the rest is
pretty interesting study goes Larry Bird at doctor J
that day and labored doctor taylor a very easy
doctor J home agree with that I would replace doctor J
immediately and then of course the effort forth and give schools the magic
johnson let me get to you just one second did see what magic tweeted
no okay this is awesome here's what is that
NBA championship rings are all that matter jordan 6 me $5 byr 3 the brunt to
a doctor j1
I'll magic said the little fuel to the fire by the way I mean
at fine magic is he should be on the list somewhere
I at their what has a personal opinion but I had the argument that
NBA champions the only thing that matters not the set only
but he said sounds like it the way he listed here and on the list sorry that's
all that matters to him
right now and has them but that doesn't mean you're the greatest player you know
so that means Charles Barkley sucked
means Padgett doing so he said he thought the threat was the top three is
what was not the but then Mike if that's all that matters as far as being in the
top mean up own
the Al 58 this is a No this is Anna at a single solo sport you for the players on
the court with the same time
I i mean this plenty of championship moments that don't happen without
someone else
the heat loss this year with our reality Milan at the point
no real I'm no no back to back him something he
less is that ministerial but no know John Paxson
no um notes does Steve Kerr
knows have it seems those years for the balsams at the ski trip
thought it could go to study saying this certain moments we remember
and other moment we don't remember is because you have other players there
it doesn't mean that now michael Jordan would have been one of the great with
the greatest is
lot of us believe if you know he didn't have those guys
I mean he would have lost certain games maybe we'll come back in on certain
moments hit the one member who remember we remember the one against the Heat I
mean I V
against the Jazz yeah that was Michael Jordan were the ones against the cats
multiple times in class of 97 cents approvals mold
tells Michael Jordan remember those the run gave his team
educators team we know those the lead guys right but
he can just go off on that you can't okay but here's the great thing about it
its a conversation piece it's an argumentative fees
now I totally understand what you're saying without Ray Allen and
you know with Jordan without ku coach without longley and without
rodman and Pippin and BJ armstrong is the current tax and all those guys
I completely agree I mean I think he still won
out of the water want as many maybe as long as Phil Jackson there he'll be okay
but now let me ask you this who are your top three this this is why I think we're
can include doctors analyst I wasn't mad I i'm reading he changed the game
the James the NBA he saved before magic and bird seed
artistically he saved the game he say that with
like excitement to ID needed fan base you don't survive without fans anyway
so that it is also be on the top five list okay with a year I N
probably four okay with your five
a course we got Jordan at work but one
yet for okay I was checking on me about five alright
um we got Jordan ice siren Jordan Bird Magic
um then we have doctor jan
and Shack dude dude is ridiculous
we forget what secure who used to do him we view
someone weaver government okay like I said is this an impromptu thing and I'm
not so I don't know if I have time to sit back and go on to me think about
what happened in 83
me what happened at ninety-one mean you haven't paid me my list will settle a
bit but
this is off topic ahead taboo stuff and
again I watched I'm watching a lot of old stuff bird was
really particular now it wasn't as a flashy and where his
it was there to make any sense yeah I ended his career was cut short
for the back injury which was stupid I know how he
that injury originated yeah when I found out I was like how did I really thought
he was working on his farm
he was strong but I'll follow you he want you want to shovel himself he was
already million at this point is like
no buzzer to do the work for me and that he me do any work you just want is for
being Indiana boy again
and throwing stuff around throughout his back and destroyed his career
now you know a.m. my eye
top for since the bronco for all take for
Jordan to no surprise I Luc Longley now
effective Jordan II probably go magic
bird I would switch that up and then I would go to Bill Russell
because before he came to the Celtics these
hooked he comes to the Celtics they win 11 to 13 years in
11 and 13 years and then he leaves you know what happens
days thought I mean like a while that's the mark of a great player repairs came
Robert Parish a solid kinda wasn't the chief
now he was a bill roughly play for the balls too big the remember
double 0 oh as I prepare see a the chief so I mean
Bill Russell i think is a no brainer plus I heard back in my Indiana days
that they didn't even keep track of Hafiz statistics
they don't keep track of blocks deadlock that icky tracker rebounds yet
so a lot of those stats that he has now
we're not even a county court that he will look into it and and
yes put into the equation for current place the people or talk back in the day
that dunking should be illegal and that they would go up in and they were just
kinda let it go into
that Bill Russell brought that back that was him no yet and the way that he
change games granted I did see a full game I'd love to
right but I did see a four-game watching his highlight he totally impacted the
granite anybody can splice those together the way that he was blocking
shots you just didn't see it has air
at all so I think bill Russell's totally designed okay and again
this is most recent it's hard to say cuz I think a special at all heads
and you know true prevails in the game
when I see seculow me like what he's retired working on 2007 is totally
deserve and I with your office at four
you look in sac and I went to 1000 Haas you pick you back a
you wish I had a Kobe right now up
what is coca-cola get a bag and his injury and plays like he used to
he's proven like what is he okay aside from playing well
does he have to when a championship no he says that yes
I mean he's not going to have a tip for this sorry ass team again
it's your team right I mean it's as well or
yeah yeah I mean it yet again over on James is not on he
any month the the going well yeah exactly I mean it's has to be cool be
with someone
the ron is not alone obviously so Andrew
Wiggins that's the gas stands in the way it feels like second fiddle for
in a playoff finals playoff game put up 40 points
13 rebounds in just know literally would destroy
everyone else it's like you can't do anything on it is only weakness is free
he maybe you have to set a startup I mean x1
on kinda like I said well what's tape of SAC
in 15 years and you like this guy was ridiculously is the last
great center Saturday Duncan you could say about it and it's hard to say
the nice position it's hard to to jump on with him because he'll still look in
the camera and say
it was on the greatest of all time and it's hard to
this article your rights activist still I think I'm here Russell over and my
money's on Bill Russell affect
I mean it's it's I i've you know what I love going through the debates
than we've been able if you're gonna go of that went to the I was gonna say will
chamberlain should be in there too he's definitely top six I would say
yep 7 will hear it really that hard at Breezewood Dr
only top three that sucks


LeBron James picks Top 3 NBA players of all-time

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