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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 196.

  • Today we're going to look at the difference between modest and humble. Yeah this is

  • one that comes up where students say well what's the difference ? Because they

  • do seem similar. Let's look at the definition here first. A person who is

  • modest does not like to brag about their successes, achievements, etc. Even

  • though they are worthy of doing so. I tend to think of a modest person usually

  • they tend to be more quiet. Maybe they're uncomfortable talking about themselves

  • or maybe they're uncomfortable talking about their successes or something like

  • that. I don't think that they necessarily

  • think that they are inferior or below. So let's look at the definition for humble. A person who is

  • humble is not proud and does not believe they are better than others. Even though

  • to be honest I would be a little careful with this. If a humble person says it and

  • they actually mean what they say, that is true. But sometimes people just act

  • humble when they're not really completely humble. But we'll get to that later. All right. Let's

  • continue here with the note. You know when people are humble they often say things to lower their

  • status or standing. They will often say they are not special or even inferior in

  • some way or below in some way. This is one thing about humble. So humble people

  • often say things to lower themselves. Modest may not actually be saying

  • anything to lower themselves they tend to be just more quiet. Many people

  • probably know about that person's achievements.

  • Maybe other people told them and so in that way , he kind of gets credit. Or maybe he, a modest

  • person might say," oh well, I don't know. I'm not that big a deal. " But he won't go on about it and he won't

  • usually lower his status that much. All right let's go on. We often

  • use the word humble in phrases like in my humble opinion. Yeah this is a common

  • one, and very clearly you are kind of lowering your

  • status. If you say in my humble opinion, you're basically saying that you you're

  • not really an expert at this and perhaps you're not really even qualified to give

  • your opinion. But you're going to give your opinion anyway. So first you're bringing

  • yourself down. That's what we mean when people that are humble tend to do that.

  • Or welcome to my humble abode. Yes well sometimes it's actually meant

  • sarcastically or in humor but if you if you really mean it the real way. It means

  • that your house is not so special. It's not so fancy. Well welcome anyway, but you

  • know it's not that beautiful sorry. Sorry I'm not richer and have a nice more

  • expensive beautiful house for you to stay in. So that's what it kind of means.

  • Again you're lowering your status. All right this is something else to really

  • note here. Yeah, in Asian society being humble is often considered a good quality. For

  • example, I remember an old story where a Korean man invites a Westerner to his

  • home but he added that his wife was not so beautiful and her cooking was not so

  • good. So come even though, I'm sorry my wife's not so beautiful and her cooking is not so good. . I don't know if you did this in the West. a Westerner, the

  • husband might get in trouble if the wife found out about that. But this sometimes this is in sort of

  • Asian culture. It might be in Korea, it might be in Japan , it might be in China . Where this sort of idea comes through. Of course when the Westerner arrived at the house, the Korean man's wife was very beautiful and her

  • cooking was very delicious. So now if the, and I think in this story the Westerner

  • did compliment the Korean man. Oh what are you talking about. Your wife is beautiful and the cooking is good. And if

  • they do this, actually in Asian society this is a good way that the host will

  • gain face. By saying that. Oh wow she's really, what are you talking about ? You

  • crazy so it's kind of a way of setting up a compliment and it's kind of a way

  • of yeah basically doing it that way. All right and and the other one that I

  • always remember there was an old movie in the 1990s

  • called The Joy Luck Club. About four , the lives of four Asian women. But I remember

  • there was one scene where there was the, one of the Asian girls, she invites her

  • Western boyfriend home and she tried to prepare him she tried to tell him a lot

  • of stuff of what he should do and what he shouldn't do, And she thought she had prepared him

  • well. But you know, you can't say everything. It's hard to let

  • everybody know everything about culture in you know an hour or something like

  • that. while trying to prepare them. But when he arrived at the house and of

  • course he's, it was also during the meal. The mother comes out and the

  • mother also , you know to be honest I think in this case she was actually

  • acting humble. I think she knew that this dish that she made was very delicious and a lot of people had complimented her before.

  • But when she's serving the dish out there you know in front of the Westerner

  • there, she said, " Oh but my cooking is really not so good and but you please please try

  • it. " Now of course the the Western boyfriend who really was a nice guy in

  • the movie, but he didn't know He actually took her at her word. He really thought

  • that that's what she meant. And he says, " Oh no, it's not that bad it just needs some ketchup and he poured ketchup all over it. All the other guests where like ( making shocked noises) because they knew that that's not

  • what he was supposed to do. He was almost kind of insulting her , he was supposed to

  • taste it and again say what are you talking about ? This is the best dish like this I've ever had. This is so good,

  • and then of course she would gain face. So so this is what I'm saying you know

  • sometimes when people are humble I don't know maybe some people are actually

  • truly humble. They really have that opinion. Sometimes people just act humble So and

  • again when you are humble usually you will say things to lower your status. And

  • modest, they don't tend, they they don't brag but they don't tend to talk about

  • themselves. They usually feel kind of uncomfortable talking about their

  • accomplishments or bragging about themselves. Okay anyway, I hope you got it. I

  • hope it's clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 196.


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講師のニックP レッスン196 謙虚さと謙虚さの違い (Tutor Nick P Lesson 196 The Diifference Between Modest and Humble)

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